分享人:NULS社区理事 Steven


Congrats NULS on its amazing accomplishments over the last three years! In 2017, Deloitte found that about 90% of the 26,000 blockchain projects launched the previous year had become idle. So, I want to thank all the contributor’s past, present, big, small and anonymous to the ongoing support of NULS.

祝贺NULS在过去三年中取得了非常不错的成绩!而2017年以来,据德勤公司调查数据发现上一年发起的26,000个区块链项目中约有90%都处于停滞状态。而我们NULS 一直在发展。据此,我要感谢一直以来支持NULS的所有人,你们都为NULS做出了或多或少的贡献,感恩你们对NULS的持续关注和支持。

Blockchain is a difficult to comprehend and rapidly evolving technology, as an asset class you’d have to be a little “crazy” to be invested in it. Myself, I made my first purchase of NULS in 2017 and through all these years, I have operated NULS nodes on testnet, mainnet v1.0, staked in multiple POCM projects and now operate both NULS and NVT nodes.

区块链是一种难以理解且发展迅速的技术,作为资产类别,您必须有点“疯狂”才能对其进行投资。我本人是在2017年首次购买NULS的,多年来,我一直在testnet,mainnet v1.0上运行NULS节点,参与多个POCM项目,目前同时运行着NULS和NVT节点。

Around November last year, with the establishment of the NULS Community Council, I got elected as your Operations Councillor. Thank you for the belief and ongoing support. As a Council, I see that we are constantly improving the internal communication structures to ensure that we act as a cohesive and globally streamlined group. As a collective mind, we are very aware of our roles to upkeep the sustainability of NULS, whilst inspiring and supporting ideas that keep NULS ahead of the rest. It really is phenomenal the innovative products that we have ChainFactory, ChainBox, Governance, POCM, NerveNetwork and NerveDEX.

去年11月前后,随着NULS社区理事会 的成立,我当选为NULS的运营理事。 感谢你们的信任和持续的支持。作为理事会成员,我目睹了为了让团队成为一个团结的全球化的高效协作团队,我们在不断改善内部沟通结构的过程。我们非常清楚在维护NULS的可持续性方面所扮演的角色,同时不断激发并支持一些有创意的想法,使NULS始终处于领先地位。我们拥有一些列的创新产品,比如链工厂,ChainBox,社区治理工具,POCM平台,NerveNetwork和NerveDEX等。而且这些产品表现真的都很棒。

Personally, I am proud to have integrated a few strategic partnerships with NULS in my role as an Operations Director and look forward to connecting more projects from the West and creating long lasting value for NULS from anywhere around the world.Working closely with our NULStars and Ambassadors to increase our global presence and create real adoption for NULS has also been a focus for me over the last couple of months.


Happy 3rd Birthday NULS, with plenty more exciting and prosperous years to come!