分享人:MXT团队核心成员 Saffa
主题: MixTrust——去中心化的合成资产发行协议 The innovative way of decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol


Dear NULS community users,Good afternoon everyone, this is Saffa, one of the core members of MixTrust (MXT) team. I am very happy to participate in the NULS third anniversary community event as one part of the NULS ecosystems. Happy birthday to NULS on the third anniversary! Sincerely hope that NULS will be better! First of all, thank you all users for your support since MXT joined the NULS ecosystem in July this year, and thank you for the assistance and strong support of the NULS!


Speaking of MXT, users in this community may already know a little bit. MXT officially joined the NULS ecosystem on July 31 this year. I know many users in the group have also participated in our mining activities on the POCM platform. Here I will briefly introduce the MXT project to you first, and share with you the main content of the project, products and future plans.


Basically, MixTrust is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol based on Ethereum, which provides a decentralized cross-chain transaction platform for synthetic assets: supports seamless asset synthesis, decentralized cross-chain transactions and cross-chain mortgage. Currently in the MXT product ecosystem, users can use synthetic assets for liquidity mining to obtain $MXT as rewards.


MixTrust will build an open, distributed, decentralized and integrated DeFi ecosystem, and coordinate diverse finances under the MXT DeFi ecosystem, through distributed networks, smart contracts, Oracle networks, cross-chain protocols, and financial Dapps, to build an integrated financial ecological service platform with public chains, distributed financial infrastructure, and native digital financial services, bringing new value changes to decentralized finance .

MixTrust将架构一个开放式、分布式、去中心化融合的DeFi生态体系,将多样性的金融通过MXT DeFi生态体系下进行协同,通过分布式网络、智能合约、Oracle网络、跨链协议、金融Dapp工具,构建以公有链、分布式金融基础设施、原生数字金融服务的一体化金融生态服务平台,为DeFi金融带来全新的价值变革。

MixTrust will serve as an open DeFi underlying protocol network to support different financial sector participants and blockchain developers to complete the development of different business systems.


At the same time, it will provide open basic modules for different distributed financial scenarios to meet the business needs in different financial scenarios.


NULS will be the first public chain to launch a cross-chain DeFi platform based on the MXT protocol. The DeFi platform built by MXT will support the cross-chain collaborative interaction of different DeFi products.

NULS将是首个基于MXT协议发布跨链DeFi平台的公链,MXT构建的 DeFi 平台,将支持不同 DeFi 产品的跨链协同交互。

The core product of the Mixtrust (MXT) project is to research and develop synthetic assets, mainly to provide investors with synthetic asset issuance, synthetic asset protocol underlying technology, pledge mining and other services.


In the previous stage, the MixTrust (MXT) team developed a synthetic asset pledge platform, where users can pledge MXT tokens to synthesize MXTcake, and stake together with UNI-V2 (MXT-ETH liquidity proof) to obtain MXT rewards. The previous mining activity ended on September 15th, and all participating users received considerable profits.


(Old product interface) (旧的产品界面)

In the near future, MXT products will also be iteratively updated around the liquid mining function, and will be improved in terms of product vision, function, performance and interaction. Then, I will show part of the pages of the new product for the first time in the NULS community,Will be officially launched later today.






The newly products launched today support MXT-ETH UNI-V2 LP、MXT-OKB UNI-V2 LP and MXT-USDT UNI-V2 LP liquidity proof mining, and when the liquidity proof balance is zero, users can directly purchase liquidity proof tokens and deposit them for staking. The operation process has been optimized to a large extent, for users the staking process being easy, and mining become more convenient. At the same time, new functions will be added to the next product in the near future, which will be announced when it is launched .

今天即将新上线的产品支持MXT-ETH UNI-V2 LP、MXT-OKB UNI-V2 LP与MXT-USDT UNI-V2 LP流动性证明挖矿,且当流动性证明余额为零时,用户可以直接用ETH/OKB/USDT购买流动性证明代币存入质押,很大程度上优化了操作流程,降低了准入门槛,让挖矿更加便捷化。在第二期的挖矿活动中,用户可享受年化利率300%的收益(MXT Token)

此外,$ MXT已在OKEx上启动,这是第三个用于权益的Jumpstart项目,衷心希望您能尝试并支持我们。

In the future, we will also explore more in-depth cooperation with NULS in the product ecosystem to build a prosperous ecology.


For more latest details, please keep following us:


MXT team members are mostly from Japan, Singapore, the United States, so we aim to expand the global market for a long time. Through the analysis and research of users in the current global market, the plan is to focus on entering a specific market while gradually covering other markets. This is the decision made by the MixTrust (MXT) team after investigating the local data of various markets around the world and some of the behavior of users.


Although MXT has not been established for a long time, we will do our best. In the next journey, MixTrust (MXT) will expand more partners worldwide, open up new markets, and implement a global strategy. Facing multilingual, multicultural and different product architectures, we will keep working on our products more carefully and improve our core competitiveness. I believe this will become a powerful tool for MixTrust (MXT) to overcome difficulties in globalization.


In the future, MXT will focus on synthetic assets, cross-chain transactions, mortgage lending, and research and development work on the corresponding products and protocols of functional sectors such as decentralized exchanges and oracles of synthetic assets, as well as cross-chain technology. By providing the underlying protocol of synthetic assets, strengthen the development capabilities of synthetic assets technology and promote the development of the synthetic asset market; jointly develop and research cross-chain technology with NULS, and promote cross-chain transactions.


MXT aims to become a decentralized trading platform in the DeFi field and contribute to it. The following is the roadmap for the future development of the project.


Finally, thank you for listening, and thank you for your long-term support, thank you for the assistance of the NULS platform, and hope that you can continue to witness the growth of MixTrust (MXT)! Finally, I would like to express my blessings to NULS, and wish our cooperation will be closer in the future.