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Hello everyone, I am Lin Yang from NULS.I am very happy to see all of you here today. There are many new friends and also many old friends who have accompanied NULS all the way.Only passionate can resist the long years.


I didn’t realize that three years of time had passed so quickly. Today, it is NULS 3rd birthday, and I have gone through three years of ups and downs with NULS community friends.In the past three years, we have been honored, moved, questioned, and abused. Whatever, we have not changed, our original intention has not changed, our persistence has not changed, and we have been moving forward in accordance with our established goals.


Just now Reaper and Niels talked about the business, community, and product technology. According to the plan of the NULS white paper, all the contents of our plan have been realized. This is really a happy thing.Although all the promises have been fulfilled, for our ultimate vision-to make the blockchain easier, we need to pay more to achieve it. With the technology advancing and industry developing, we have not stopped our progress.


On the day of NULS 3rd birthday , I want to share all of you with the new development plan.Firstly, I would like to show you the roadmap


In the past quarter, many friends in the community asked why the news of NULS has decreased. Many news are from NerveNetwork. In fact, this is a very important step in NULS’s promotion of ecosystem development.

众所周知,NerveNetwork是NTC成员发起,实现NULS同构跨链、异构跨链的重要组成部分. 通过NerveNetwork的跨链桥接,NULS可以无障碍打通与以太坊、币安链、波卡、比特币等众多公链的链接,为NULS生态内的项目和资产提供更多应用场景;而通过NerveNetwork实现异构跨链ETH、ERC20资产进入NULS网络,可以让ETH社区以及未来的更多社区可以进入NULS社区。

As we all know, NerveNetwork was initiated by the NTC member to realize NULS isomorphic cross-chain and heterogeneous cross-chain. Through NerveNetwork’s cross-chain bridging, NULS can connect with many public chains such as Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polkadot, BTC. So as to provide more application scenarios for projects and assets in the NULS ecosystem;Through NerveNetwork realizing heterogeneous cross-chain ETH and ERC20 assets to enter the NULS network, ETH community and even more communities in the future can join in NULS community.


After realizing the free cross-chain exchange with multiple chain assets, plans for cross-chain multi-asset lending applications such as BTC/ETH/NULS are already under planning.As Niels just mentioned, DEX was proposed by the technical team very early and started design and development, and finally set it on NerveNetwork.


NerveDEX is an important part of NerveNetwork, which can realize the free exchange of all assets and also provide circulation trading channels for NULS ecosystem assets;At present, the integration of NerveDEX in NULS ecosystem wallet Nabox has been planned. In the future, there will be more wallets support NerveDEX, which will provide more convenient for assets on NerveDEX, and make more assets can exchange freely.


In the future, we have more development plans. It is expected that in the fourth quarter of 2020, NULS will support the use of Ledger hardware wallet signatures, giving NULS holders a safer way to store their assets;Multi-chain explorer plug-in wallets are also planned. Through plug-in wallets, everyone can manage kinds of multi-chain assets safely and conveniently.


Recently,DeFi and staking mining are so hot that everyone is focusing. However, we believe that NFT will also be a major trend in the future of blockchain development. And NULS will support the development of NFT projects through POCM.Maybe you are not familiar with the NFT. It has a wide range of application scenarios: such as for marking transferable electronic vouchers, electronic receipts, game props, circulation traceability, and physical assets on-chain.NFT can also be used to mark and confirm rights in many commercial application scenarios. As the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain, it is of great significance to provide a transfer platform for NFT assets.

2021年,将开发ChainBox联盟链版本,让更多商业企业,在不需要公链的情况下,可以快速地搭建联盟链;NULSTAR 微服务管理模块功能升级也已经在计划中;为了实现区块链更简单的目标,智能合约模块兼容EWASM也是势在必行的.

In 2021, the ChainBox consortium chain version will be developed, so that more commercial enterprises can quickly build consortium chains without the need of public chains;The function upgrade of NULSTAR microservice management module is also under planning.In order to achieve goal of making the blockchain easier, it is imperative for the smart contract module to be compatible with EWASM.

现在NULS智能合约采用了自主研发的NVM虚拟机,适合企业的一些Java开发人员快速使用. EWASM是ETH 2.0主要的虚拟机,兼容EWASM可以让NULS网络可以和ETH网络保持同步。


Now NULS smart contract uses the self-developed NVM virtual machine, which is suitable for some enterprise Java developers to use quickly. EWASM is the main virtual machine of ETH 2.0, so compatible with EWASM can make NULS network be synchronized with the ETH network.In the future, NULS will support multi-asset dock on-chains such as BTC/ETH, which can be used as a supplement to ETH, and can also be integrated with the entire ecosystem of ETH.

雄关漫道真如铁,唯有热爱得始终! 我们正在做着前所未有的事,这个过程会非常漫长,但我相信整个社区有着一致的目标-- 让NULS发展得更好

Only with firm strides can we arrive at the summit! We are doing something unprecedented. This process will be very long, but I believe that the entire community has the same goal-- to make NULS better and better!


It is the communities that give us a lot of strength and confidence, and let us walk firmly and steadily. Because of you, we believe that the future is not far ahead.


Words can not express our appreciation and how much we value you!Thanks the communities for your support!Thanks the team members for working hard!