NULS Node Version 2.8.0 Upgrade

Dear NULS Community Members:

Hello everyone,

We plan to release a new NULS mainnet wallet upgrade version V2.8.0 on December 14, 2020
(UTC +8 15:00 ). This upgrade is mandatory, and the new protocol will take effect at a high level of 20,000 blocks after the node upgrade reaches 80%. Please complete the update operation in a timely manner.

NULS v2.8.0

New : Support for cross-chain assets into smart contracts, used in smart contracts;

New : Support for multi-account call contracts;

Optimization : Optimized the cache mechanism and increased the hit rate of contract operations cache;

Optimization : Reduced isomorphic cross-chain handling fees;

Fixed: Solved an isomorphic cross-chain validator synchronization bug;

Fixed: Resolved other known bugs.

This upgrade is mandatory . The nodes that need to be upgraded are ordinary nodes and consensus nodes. Ordinary users do not need to update. Please upgrade to the new version as soon as possible to ensure the stable operation of the service. If a consensus node is not upgraded after the main network switches to the new protocol, it will receive a yellow card until it is fined.

Wallet Download Address:

Windows Upgrade Guide:

Linux Upgrade Guide:

Thanks in advance,

December 14, 2020