Hello everyone. I am Berzeck. NeverNetwork was launched in 2019.The main network was launched on July 10 this year.On September 4th NerveDEX, a decentralised exchange based on NerveNetwork, launched.


NerveNetwork was born in the NULS technical community,NULS community provides Nerve with technological, business expanding, and ecological support.Thank you very much!


NerveNetwork is a decentralized digital asset service network, which is a set of cross-chain interactive protocols based on the NULS microservices framework and developed with ChainBox.

NerveNetwork 是一个去中心化的数字资产服务网络。它基于NULS微服务框架, 使用 NULS ChainBox(链工厂的底层)开发搭建的区块链跨链交互协议。

Its goal is to eliminate the isolation problem that most blockchains have. Meanwhile, to establish a cross-chain interoperable asset interaction network, and provide all the underlying support for DeFi applications ecosystem; letting digital asset holders enjoy truly secure, free and transparent DeFi application services.

NerveNetwork 旨在打破区块链价值孤岛,建立跨链互通的资产交互网络,为 DeFi 应用生态提供底层支持。让数字资产持有者享受真正安全、自由、透明的 DeFi 应用服务。

NerveNetwork can not only serve as the second-layer lightning network of BTC and ETH, but also become a bridge for the interconnection of multiple public chain assets.

NerveNetwork不仅可以作为 BTC、ETH 的二层闪电网络,还将成为多条公有链资产互通的桥梁。

Nerve adopts a multi-layer and multi-chain architecture that integrates parachains and relay chains, and defines a set of interface protocols for public chain networks such as BTC and ETH, so that tokens such as BTC, ETH, ERC20, NULS, NRC20, etc. can be quickly transferred between different public chains.

Nerve采用集成平行链和中继链的多层多链架构,针对BTC、ETH等公链网络定义了一组接口协议, 使BTC、ETH、ERC20、NULS、NRC20等资产可以在不同公链间实现快速转移。

NerveDEX, a decentralized exchange built on the bottom of NerveNetwork, adopts an on-chain matching method, which can achieve 100% on-chain assets, security and transparency, 0.02% of the industry’s ultra-low fee rate, and 2-second transaction confirmation on the chain to ease ETH and Other public chain networks congestion, high handling fees and other issues.

基于NerveNetwork底层搭建的去中心化交易所NerveDEX采用链上撮合的方式,可以做到100%链上资产、安全透明、0.02%的业界超低费率、以及链上2秒交易确认, 以缓解ETH等其他公链网络拥堵、手续费高等问题。

NerveDEX is the first application of the Nerve DeFi ecosystem, and its transaction performance and asset richness will greatly benefit from the NerveNetwork.

NerveDEX 是 Nerve DeFi 生态的第一个应用,其交易性能和资产丰富性都将极大受益于 Nerve 网络。

Under the background that cross-chain has become an industry consensus, NerveDEX has taken the lead in realizing heterogeneous cross-chain technology through technological and model innovation, and solved the limitations of the past DEX projects with low performance and limited assets.

在跨链越来越成为行业共识的背景下,NerveDEX通过技术与模式创新,以率先实现异构跨链技术为先机,解决了过去 DEX 项目性能低、资产有限的局限性。

At present,NerveNetwork has now implemented cross-chain circulation between assets on the NerveNetwork and ETH network. Users can exchange ENVT for NVT on NerveDex . Includes the following features:


1.NULS, NRC20, heterogeneous cross-chain assets, NVT and other NULS parallel-chain assets can cross-chain transfer to ETH network and cross-chain transfer back.


2.ETH, ERC20 assets can cross-chain transfer to NerveNetwork, NULS network and other parallel chains and can cross-chain transfer back.


In the near future, other mainstream assets such as BTC and BSC (Binance Smart Chain) will be gradually accessed.


Users can stake NVT to obtain NVT rewards, and the minimum amount to stake each time is 1000 NVT.In addition, the longer the staking period, the higher its corresponding weight.The total weight of each user is calculated based on the number and duration of the staking. The higher of user’s weightage as a percentage of the entire network, the higher the rewards.


Besides staking NVT, users can also stake different types of assets, such as ETH 、NULS 、 ERC20、USDT、USDC、DAI and PAX,etc.
The staking of other cross-chain assets such as BTC, BSC, etc. will be also docked in the future.


The weight of their reward is different for staking different types of assets.
among them: the staking weight of NVT and NULS are twice of other cross-chain assets.


Welcome to Staking, but also can establish node, obtain higher income.

Nerve’s main network nodes are divided into three tiers: Common nodes, consensus nodes, and virtual bank.


Different tiers of nodes have different responsibilities in the network. Due to differences in responsibilities, the weights of the nodes is related to the node tier. Node weight influences reward amount.


The virtual bank is responsible for the maintenance of cross-chain assets, including the creation and management of multi-signature accounts or smart contracts for parallel chains, the creation and broadcasting of asset transfer transactions, etc.


The consensus nodes are responsible for the maintenance of the blockchain.
The common nodes are responsible for functions such as transaction collecting, block and transaction verifying, and providing services for applications.


This kind of multi-consensus mechanism model can help different types of users have the opportunity to participate in the Nerve node consensus process, thus improve the stability and fairness of the Nerve network.


If you want to become a Nerve mainnet node owner and participate in staking, you need to hold at least 200,000 NVT.


If the number of asset pledges on your node can be ranked in the top 35 of the entire network, you can become a consensus node.


If you can become the top 15, you will also become a virtual bank node. Correspondingly, you’ll get more rewards for different kind of nodes.


In addition to self-holding NVT to establish nodes, the best way is to establish its own mining pool (such as Wallet and Exchange) to attract more people to transfer the pledge rights so that you can establish nodes. In this way, it will have the lowest cost and more opportunity to rank in the top 35.


NerveNetwork is developed based on the NULS microservice architecture, and it supports wallets, institutions, trading platforms and other project parties or teams to use the NerveNetwork module to customize their own DEX. Through this low-cost method, one-key quick customization of DEX can be realized.


In the future, we will integrate more high quality projects and stablecoins to construct Nerve’s ecology and DeFi applications. It aims to connect more blockchain projects simply, economically and efficiently.

未来,我们将整合更多高质量的项目,构建 NerveNetwork 生态和DeFi应用,旨在简单、经济、高效地连接更多的区块链项目。

And finally, thank you NULS, thank you to the community, and happy third anniversary!NULS and NerveNetwork went hand in hand and eventually NULS, NerveNetwork and many other public chains were integrated.

最后,感谢NULS,感谢社区小伙伴,祝NULS三周年快乐! NULS、NerveNetwork携手并进,最终实现NULS、NerveNetwork及其他多条公有链的融合发展。