NULS MArketing Proposal From SCO Partner Cobalt

Proposal to NULS

We as a community (SCO Partners) submit a much needed proposal to the NULS Governance Committee which we call S.M.I.I.S. (Social Media Implementation & Integration Services)
We feel strongly that we should start employing Social Media Promoters alongside ourselves on the SCO platform, this will encourage the promoter to learn our platform and actively encourage others in their communities to join us!
What this proposal consist of:

  1. Phase 1 We are asking for “500k” NULS to be staked for the initial launch of this project as an initial test case
  2. We would like the Social media promoter to have to work at learning the platform as well as describing and promoting to the general community. Therefore the amount of NULS the Social media promoter is allowed to claim will be dependent solely on performance and engagement from the community (The promoter must be actively engaged in the NULS ecosystem in order to instruct others)
  3. The Length of this initial contract will be 3 months with the option to renew the contract upon approval from both the Social media promoter and the NULS governance committee.
  4. The social media promoter will generate a token on the NULS blockchain (POCM Contract) and become an SCO partner themselves to reward Stakers (See Tokenomics)
  5. Each Social Media Promoter brought onto the platform will have individual tasks to fulfill their terms of service that will be discussed and agreed upon before engaging in the POCM contract with NULS and made public for community review. Examples of duties: Youtube videos, Written articles on Medium & OX, Community Engagement on various social media platforms like twitter and facebook etc.
  6. Any contract can be cancelled by NULS at any time that it is felt that the social media promoter is NOT meeting community standards.

Social Media Platforms from NULS group to Utilize

NULS Youtube Channel

All videos will be posted here in order to create a central location for the audience to refer to when searching for content related to NULS and / or the SCO partners. All other content such as twitter and facebook posts should be posted on the individual social media promoters account in order to utilize their existing audience, which we also feel is very important for bringing “NEW” people into the ecosystem.

Thank you for your consideration

Michael Wrapp


Cincinnati Ohio

Individual Work Plan for influencers:

1st Influencer (Approx Launch August 25th) Selected for test case

AltCoin Sara @AltcoinSara Twitter ID

3 Videos Per Week to be uploaded to Youtube (varying in Length up to 15 Minutes)

3 Live Spots a month (Influencer can take a week break from live each month)

3 Direct twitter post directing audience to SCO Platform (Weekly)
3 Twitter post referencing Youtube videos made by influencer (Weekl)
All additional tweets and social media engagements are up to the influencers, remember your audience participation is how you get paid!

One weekly strategy meeting every Sunday between Sara, Mario, & Michael (19:00 Local Time In England)

Videos will have a general outline or script provided by NULS & Cobalt Lend