NULS Listing on Shooting Star: 24h Flash Sale, 20% Off!|BitMart即将上线NULS,并开启限时抢购

According to the BitMart team,BitMart will initially open the “Shooting Star” trading section at 10:00 PM on June 18, 2020 (EDT). NULS will be the first project listing on BitMart Shooting Star. BitMart users will be able to purchase NULS with 20% off within a 24-hour flash sale.

According to the announcement of NerveNetwork, a snapshot will be taken in the NULS main network at height of 2,620,000 (on about July 12, 2020). The airdropped assets will be allocated directly to the respective NULS addresses with a ratio of 10 NULS : 1 NVT. After NULS listed on BitMart, BitMart will support the NVT airdrop to NULS holders based on NerveNetwork’s airdrop rules.

Flash Sale Start Time: June 18, 2020 10:00 PM (EDT)

Flash Sale Rules

  • Total Supply: 100,000 NULS
  • Discount: 20% off
  • NULS Price: 80% of the NULS market price at 10:00 PM on June 18, 2020 (EDT)
  • Requirement: BitMart registered users
  • Individual Hard Cap: 200 USDT
  • Payment Currency: 0.1 USDT

Listing Details

  • Trading Open Time: June 21, 2020 10:00 PM (EDT)
  • Deposit Open Time: June 25, 2020 10:00 PM (EDT)
  • Withdrawal Open Time: June 25, 2020 10:00 PM (EDT)
  • Trading Pair: NULS/USDT


  1. Users can only buy NULS via the “Shooting Star” trading section.
  2. Deposit and withdrawal features of NULS will open 3 days after its listing.
  3. If the price of NULS falls below the flash sale price within 72 hours after its listing, all the users (buyers) will be 100% refunded.
  4. Click here for more information about Shooting Star and how to participate in the sale.
  5. BitMart will support the NVT airdrop. No manual operations needed from NULS holders.
  6. NVT will be distributed to NULS holders on the same day of the airdrop.
  7. BitMart reserves all rights for the final explanation.

据BitMart团队消息, BitMart将于2020年6月19日上午10:00(香港时间)在官网首页开启“Shooting Star”交易界面,届时BitMart用户可以在”Shooting Star”界面限时24小时内8折认购纳世链(NULS)。

NULS上线BitMart之后,BitMart将会支持NULS持有用户接收NVT的空投。据NerveNetwork公告,Nerve计划在NULS主网高度2620000时(大约2020年7月12日)进行快照,并对NULS持有人按照 10 NULS:1 NVT比例空投。届时,BitMart将为平台用户进行NULS快照,并对NULS持有用户按比例空投NVT。

抢购时间: 2020年6月19日上午10:00(香港时间)


  • 本场 Shooting Star总额 :100,000 NULS
  • 抢购对应比例: 8折
  • NULS认购价格 :按照香港时间2020年6月19日上午10:00 NULS市场价格的8折价进行抢购
  • 参与要求: 在BitMart注册用户
  • 单人限额最高 :200 USDT
  • 认购支付币种 :USDT
  • 开放交易时间: 2020年6月22日上午10:00(香港时间)
  • 开放充值时间: 2020年6月26日上午10:00(香港时间)
  • 开放提现时间: 2020年6月26日上午10:00(香港时间)
  • 开放交易对: NULS/USDT


  • 用户只能在”Shooting Star”界面买入NULS;
  • 充值和提现功能将在交易上线3天之后开放;
  • NULS上市72小时内如低于该次抢购价格,则表示认购失败,认购金额将全数退还给用户;
  • Shooting Star具体介绍及抢购流程可以查看Shooting Star上线公告;
  • 持有NULS的用户无需任何操作即可获得NVT空投;
  • BitMart将于NVT空投当天发放空投奖励至用户账户;
  • 活动最终解释权归BitMart所有。
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