NULS Launches ETH/BSC/Heco Multi-chain Ecosystem Integration Plan

After years of joint efforts of the NULS community, the NULS blockchain ecosystem has gradually bloomed, and its main network has been running stably for more than two years. Currently,more than 20 coins have been launched through NULS POCM, and more than 10 projects have been built using NULS ChainFactory. Among them, the greatest contribution to the NULS ecosystem is NerveNetwork, which is a parallel chain of the NULS network. Many cross-chain interoperabilities between the NULS mainnet, Ethereum, BSC, and Heco can be realized through NerveNetwork. Which can make the assets be transferred freely on multiple networks. NULS will gradually integrate more mainstream projects’ main networks.

Hereby, we are thrilled to announce that we initiates the multi-chain integration plan with many blockchain projects, to help the project grow. The aim of this plan is to integrate main resources in the industry, including investment institutions, media, communities and trading platforms to jointly empower outstanding projects. All the projects which built on Ethereum, BSC, Heco, and NULS mainnet can participate in this plan.


  • Trading platforms: MXC、Bitmart、AEX 、 BitZ、 BW
  • Investment institutions: Index Capital, Amplio Capital, AC Capital
  • Media: Coinvoice,, Lianshijie, Miu Finance
  • Wallets: Bitkeep、HyperPay、SWFT
  • Communities: NULS community, NerveNetwork communities

What NULS will support :

1.The projects will have opportunity to obtain investment from NULS strategic partner investment institutions.
2.NULS will provide social media support, and that is more than 100,000+ users’ exposure traffic.
3.the projects will have opportunity to gain the staking support from SCO Community Fund for 200K-1000K NULS on POCM platform.
4.Assets on NerveNetwork will support cross-chaining to multi-chain network circulate.
5.NULS ecosystem projects will dock partners to support them.
6.we will support NULS ecosystem projects cross-chaining to other chains, and help them to dock with other chains partners.
7.NULS will recommend them to be listed on NerveDEX and GoblinSwap and helf them promoting.

Projects requirement:

  1. Project applications should support NULS assets, NRC20 assets ,NULS parachain assets or cross-chain assets.
  2. Add some liquidity rewards for NULS assets (this item is optional).

What MXC will support:

1.MXC will list the good performance projects’ token.
2.MXC will support PoS mining pool services.

Projects requirement:

  1. Good developement of the communites.
  2. Meet the review requirements of MXC.

What Bitmart will support:

1.Have chance to be listed on Bitmart for free.
2.NULS trading area will be opened, and also will open to NULS trading pairs.
3.Have chance to gain promoting support with 1 million users’ click traffic.
4.Have chance to gain to be shown on platform Banner.

Projects requirement:

  1. Bring 300 KYC registered users to the platform;
  2. It must be the first CEX platform on Bitmart.

What AEX will support:

  1. Support good performance project to list on AEX.
  2. Support with community AMA and promoting for the projects.
  3. Support in financial management and Aswap activities for the projects.

Projects requirement:

1.Good performance projects.
2.The projects have landing application scenarios and some innovation.
3. Their communities are active.

What BitZ will support:

  1. The best discount for listing.
  2. Promoting support for the projects.
  3. Support with AMA and trading campaign for the projects.
  4. Support with advertising on the platform.

Projects requirement:

  1. The projects have landing application scenarios.
  2. The projects have some community resources to attract real users to the platform.

What BW will support:

  1. Support with promoting on the market of Korea/North America/Europe.
  2. Import some whales for the projects.
  3. Support docking with some investment institutions and some financing services.
  4. Support with the value-added products: moon landing/IEO/leverage/Staking/Defi mining pool.

Projects requirement:

  1. The projects have landing application scenarios.
  2. Have some marketing and technical power.

What HyperPay will support:

  1. Support listing on DApp.
  2. Support DeFi mining on the HyperPay platform.
  3. Support banner promoting on HyperPay wallet.
  4. Support to promote on HyperPay media.
    4.1 The post materials will be synchronized to the official WeChat group and Telegram; the official social media (Weibo, Twitter, etc.) to interact.
    4.2 Support posting PR on some head media.
  5. Support the good performance projects with AMA on HyperPay Focusing.
    5.1 Support promoting banner on the homepage of head media.
    5.2 More than 40 media and communities will reward the recap of AMA.
    5.3 The activity will synchronized by multiple media platforms such as Bihu, BiShiJie, Jinse Finance, and Hellobtc, ect.

Projects requirement:

  1. The projects is developing well.
  2. The projects have potential for landing.
  3. The projects need have some community resources to attract real users to the wallet;
  4. The projects need to offer the audit report.
    5.Meet the review requirements of HyperPay.

What SWFT will support:

  1. The projects will be listed on SWFT, and will be opened flash swap, red envelope, and payment functions.
  2. The projects can be listed on flash swaps of mainstream wallets, such as Atoken, Tokenpocket, MathWallet, etc.
  3. Promoting to the communities with more than 100,000 users.
  4. Support with AMA in SWFT communities.
  5. Open staking simultaneously on the SWFT platform.

Projects requirement:

  1. Add the SWFTC coin from multi-chain to the project ecosytem;
    2.The projects can use SWFTC coin to participate in the project incentive plan.

Project registration:

**Project Application Form **

Contact us:

Chinese team: wechat lovenuls
Western team: Telegram @Berzek1