NULS Implements Cross-chain Asset Circulation with OKExChain

Through the efforts of NTC members, NULS heterogeneous cross-chain ecosystem NerveNetwork has now implemented cross-chain circulation between assets on the NerveNetwork and OKExChain.

Currently, the following functions are already implemented:

  1. NULS, NRC20, ETH, ERC20, BNB, BEP20, HT, HRC20, NVT and other NULS parallel-chain assets can cross-chain transfer to OKExChain and vice versa;
  2. OKB、KIP20 assets can cross-chain transfer to NerveNetwork, NULS network and other parallel- chains , ETH network, BSC network , Heco network and vice versa.

NULS has registered cross-chain assets on the OKExChain. The smart contract address is as below:


The implementation of the functions is meaningful for all ecosystem projects on NULS. All assets on NULS parallel-chains and NRC20 assets can participate in the OKExChain ecosystem application, share the ecosystem with OKExChain, and freely circulate between the two networks.

Meanwhile, assets on OKExChain can also transfer to NerveNetwork, NULS, and its parallel-chain networks to experience efficient and low-cost transactions.

This marks a perfect integration of NULS ecosystem and OKExChain.

We also acknowledge the NULS community, thank you very much for your support! Everyone is encouraged to participate.

We look forward to more integrations in the future!