NULS Ecosystem Ignition Plan Proposal

NULS Ecosystem Ignition Plan Proposal


Shaping the NULS ecosystem has always been one of our primary tasks since the launch of main-net, and being assisted by the NTC and our community we have done incredible progress in terms of infrastructure diversity. Last season, we announced another milestone of ours - ENULS, which is yet to be completed. The ENULS voice is released, and we are now on the EVM waves starting the most exciting journey of 2022, testnet is activated, and its mainnet is coming live shortly!

This action aims to bring more EVM-friendly projects to deploy on ENULS, thus increasing liquidity and use cases for the native NULS ecosystem assets. We will be primarily giving support to infrastructure, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi projects.


Projects can apply for community funds and receive nodes incentives to support.


Proposal Category: Community Funds
Applying Type: Creating Nodes
Nodes Amount: 5
Duration: 6 Months
Commission Ratio: 90%
Amount of NULS: 500,000

Incentives generated by the nodes will be used to Airdrop to the earlier participants of the ENULS ecosystem.The incentive fund will be managed by a public multi-sig account.

The incentive multi-sig account will be managed by the NULS community council for awarding ecosystem projects and early participants. 50% of the incentives generated by nodes will be used to award the ENULS ecosystem projects, another 50% will be Airdropped to the early ecosystem participants.

1. ENULS ecosystem projects

Who is eligible to apply?

The incentive is open for projects deployed on NULS / ENULS main-net.

Rules of distributing:
Project information should be collected before the 15th of each month. All projects will be discussed by the council members for final evaluation, the incentives will be distributed according to the weight of each project. After the evaluation is completed, the incentives should be distributed to the project’s NULS / ENULS wallet on the 20th of each month. Each project can only submit the proposal only once.

Submit your project

2. Early birds incentives

Airdrop scope:

Really users that interact with projects deployed on ENULS testnet / mainnet.

Airdrop rules:

Airdrop to early ecosystem participants monthly, each user can only submit the form only once.

Information/Tasks required:

  1. Follow Twitter @Nuls
  2. Join Discord channel
  3. Submit interaction info

Note: To avoid bots participants, the early bird bonus will only be Airdrop to these address that has BAB token, meanwhile, we will take measures to exclude single user with multiple entries.


How to get BAB token?

  1. Register a Binance Account.

  2. Verify your identity.

  3. Enter β€œMore” on the home page and find β€œBABT” on β€œGift & Campaign”.

  4. Get your BAB Token in 4 steps:


Might be a good way to encourage more ecosystem contributors to dive in!