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Introduction| 项目简介:

  • NULS is an open-source, enterprise-grade, adaptive blockchain platform that offers fast-track business solutions for developers. Featuring microservices, smart contracts, cross-chain interoperability, and instant chain-building, NULS sets a new industry standard in streamlining blockchain adoption.

  • NULS是一个开源的企业级可定制的区块链平台,为开发者提供快速的区块链解决方案。NULS以微服务、智能合约、跨链互操作性和快速造链为特色,在简化区块链应用实践方面树立了一个新的行业标准。

  • NULS is a blockchain built on an infrastructure optimized for customized services through the use of micro-services. The NULS blockchain is a public, global, open-source community project. NULS uses the micro-service functionality to implement a highly modularized underlying architecture. By using the technology of our modular warehouse, smart contracts and cross-chain mechanism, in combination with the features of Chain Factory, the development cost of blockchain can be reduced, and the commercial application of blockchain can be accelerated and enhanced. NULS proposes a modularized thinking and multi-chain parallel micro-service architecture, based on the “chain” as the core development concept, to build a “Chain Factory” of core products. NULS enables users to choose their own components for chain-building in a drag and drop style of pluggable functionality. Modules such as the network module, consensus module, storage module, account book module, smart contract module, and other core functional modules enable users to build their chain within minutes and add it to the NULS ecosystem. Enterprises can also define their own business logic through smart contracts with very little programming effort. NULS is the first and only microservices-driven, enterprise-grade blockchain, propelling evolution in the industry beyond every current limitation of development.

  • 纳世链(NULS)是一个面向定制化服务的区块链基础设施,一个全球化的开源社区项目。NULS采用微服务思想,实现高度模块化的底层架构,运用模块仓库、智能合约和跨链等技术,同时结合链工厂快速搭链的能力,降低区块链开发成本,推动区块链商业应用落地。NULS提出模块化思维与多链并行的微服务架构,秉承以“链”为核心的发展理念,打造核心产品“链工厂”。基于NULS,用户可以灵活选择网络模块、共识模块、存储模块、账本模块、智能合约等核心功能模块创建NULS链网中新的区块链,也可以通过很少的编程工作通过智能合约来定义自己的业务逻辑。

Basic information links | 基础信息链接

Chinese Community | 中文社区

Ecological application | 生态应用

Exchanges | 交易平台

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Specifications for the Use of NULS Branded Names|NULS品牌文字使用规范

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