NULS-APPN(Aggregate Prophecy Protocol Network)

1- project introduction
APPN is the first decentralized service network based on OKExChain ecological multi-chain, which provides solutions for blockchain data acquisition and (Layer-2) network, and focuses on solving the data authenticity and information transmission speed between chains. It also has DAPP functions such as developing side chain, sub-chain, decentralized wallet and multi-sign wallet co-management, and can realize one-click chain-building, multi-chain parallel and cross-chain technology. It is applied in decentralized lending, DEX, insurance, asset management, DAO organization and other ecological scenarios to provide real, safe and reliable data for all applications in OKExChain ecology.

2- Development planning
The APPN team was
established in October 2020

Preliminary construction of product concept and logic in November 2020

Product architecture development began in December 2021

White paper released in March 2021

DEX 1.0 was released in September 2021

In April 2022, the research and development of product architecture was completed

Forecast application released in June 2022

Cross-chain communication and research and development of NFT system in July 2022

In October 2022, the research and development of main system functions was completed

3-SCO information
Rules of APPN SCO:
Release time: 14: 00 on July 7;
Circulation level: 200,000 APPN;;
SCO cycle: 90 days, from July 7, 2021 to October 7, 2021;

4- Cooperation with NULS Ecology in Cross-chain Application Scenarios
APPN and NULS Ecology establish effective cooperation in cross-chain application scenarios, and both parties will continue to explore and innovate in the technical field!