NULS社区理事会工作报告(2021.5)NULS community councilor’s Work report in May,2021




Hello, NULS community,

The new assessment system of the NULS Council has been in operation for two months and is currently operating in good condition. Thanks for the support and participation of the Councilors and the supervision of community members.

The following is the content of the work report of the council members in May 2021.

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Work summary( May)

  1. Completed the routine work of the councilor, such as daily attendance, monthly report inspection, basic reward and performance reward;

  2. Participated in discussions and completed monthly reports on time, and actively participated in various proposals and voting;

  3. Revise and improve the NULS Council reward and performance adjustment plan based on the previous performance implementation;

  4. To formulate management systems for NULS proposals;

  5. Complete the inspection of thinking report;

  6. Assist in communication of important issues.







Work Plan (June)

  1. Completed the routine work of the councilor, such as daily attendance, monthly report inspection, basic reward and performance reward;

  2. Participated in discussions and completed monthly reports on time, and actively participated in various proposals and voting;

  3. Discuss, revise and gradually implement the NULS proposal management program;

  4. Complete the inspection of thinking report;

  5. Assist in communication of important issues.



Summary of work this month 本月工作总结




(2) 本月会议备忘录/社区提案预算支付等记录的更新与实施。







Work summary of April

1.Organize/convene/host/guide the work of the community council toward a more efficient and productive direction;

(1) Complete the organization, convening and presiding of the 5 council meetings this month;

(2) The update and implementation of this month’s meeting memorandum/community proposal budget payment records.

2.According to the new Councilor evaluation standards, Organize and implement the NULS Community Council Code of Conduct assessment in April 2021 (including the whole process of evaluation and assessment, );Do the communication reminder follow-up work for each adjustment link in time;

3.Completed the issue of rewards for Chinese community content proposals in April 2021.

4.Assist in communicating and advancing community proposals, and advocate the launch of ERC20 unified mapping proposal;

5.Participate in ambassador meetings and provide assistance to ambassadors.

6.Complete the translation review of the new version of the official website;

7.Assist other important matters and node communication.

Work plan for next month 下月工作计划







Work plan for June 2021

  1. Ensure the normal operation of the daily work of the NULS Community Council;
  2. Complete the May 2021 behavior observation assessment of NULS Councilors (May);Timely follow up and deal with the problems existing in the implementation of director assessment, and continue to optimize and improve the management mechanism of director assessment.
  3. Complete the Chinese community content contribution award (May);
  4. Assist the ambassador meeting and related work.
  5. Assist other important matters and node communication.

Work Summary for May

  1. Using, testing and providing internal feedback on Nabox beta-1.0.4.
  2. Using, testing and providing internal feedback on beta.bridge.nervenetwork.
  3. Contacted a few projects for collaborations, but no response from them so far.
  4. Commenting and attacting new NULS users/likes on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

Work Plan for June

  1. Create a youtube product demos video for nabox and nerve bridge as soon they are in Production release.
  2. Continue to contact projects to see if we can initiate new partnerships or listings.
  3. Continue to raise more awareness and create more publicity on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  4. Support West Team and Telegram community.


  1. 使用,测试Nabox beta-1.0.4并提供反馈。
  2. 在beta.bridge.nervenetwork上使用,测试并提供反馈
  3. 联系了一些项目进行合作,到目前为止没有任何回应。
  4. 在Twitter,LinkedIn和Facebook上评论和吸引新的NULS用户/喜欢


  1. 即将在生产版本中为nabox和Nerve Bridge创建youtube产品演示视频。
  2. 继续与项目联系,以查看是否可以启动新的合作伙伴关系或列表。
  3. 继续提高认识,并在Twitter,LinkedIn和Facebook上进行更多的宣传。
  4. 支持West Team和Telegram社区

Work Summary for May
Continue to promote Nabox product optimization and feature richness
Promote the development and testing of the underlying Swap of the Nerve network
Promote the front-end design and development of Swap
Organize the Nuls product line and formulate a quarterly plan
Work Plan for June
Promote Nerve’s underlying swap function testing and api service development
Promote the continuous optimization of Nabox and launch the mobile app version
Continue to maintain the bottom layer of NULS and Nerve
Other technical support work

Monthly Report

Time: 	2021.05.01 ~ 2021.05.31
Circle	: Community Council
Role:	Architect,Coder
Name: Berzeck

This month’s summary

  • [Development] Studying Java basics and start browsing NULS code
  • [Partner] Closed Partnerships with 7 new partners
  • [Partner] Establishing proposal for new big partnership for NULS
  • [Partner] Research and approach several projects for potential partnership opportunities
  • [Team] West Team payroll management, and personnel evaluation
  • [Team] Council meetings, proposal evaluations, West Team meetings, Marketing company meeting
  • [Team] NCC evaluation and progress tracking
  • [Marketing] Twitter followers increased organically
  • [Community] Answering the community’s questions and conversations about NULS current issues and future
  • [Support] Community support

Next month’s plan

  • [Marketing] Specific promotions for Nerve to celebrate wallet release
  • [Partner] Close partnership with new partners
  • [Partner] Close big partnership for NULS / Nerve
  • [Team] Planing and executing Western operations
  • [Marketing] Follow up and track marketing operations
  • [Marketing] Continue planning, preparing and executing NULS - Nerve - NerveDex promotions to enhance communities
  • [Marketing] Twitter promotions
  • [Team] West Team client follow-ups
  • [Team] Status meetings
  • [Team] West Team payroll management, and personnel evaluation
  • [Community] Answering the community’s questions and conversations about NULS current issues and future
  • [Support] Community support

Monthly Report

Time: 2021.05.01 ~ 2021.05.31
Circle: Community Council
Role:  Councilor
Name:  Reaper

This month’s summary

  • OKEx supports the deposit and withdrawal of NULS-KIP20 assets;

  • Provide guidance for Nabox to launch POCM;

  • Provide support for SakeSwap cooperation, currently supports NULS-USDT and NVT-USDT to join Farm;

  • The Flux project supports NULS asset lending cooperation to provide support;

  • Mdex supports NULS-USDT to join Farm to provide support.

  • OKEx支持NULS-KIP20资产的充提;

  • 为Nabox启动POCM提供指导;

  • 为SakeSwap合作提供支持,目前支持NULS-USDT和NVT-USDT加入Farm;

  • Flux项目支持NULS资产借贷合作提供支持;

  • Mdex支持NULS-USDT加入Farm提供支持。

Next month’s plan

  • Provide support for the launch of the Nabox project;

  • Assist NerveBridge to access 10 assets of the cooperative project;

  • Expand the usage scenarios of NULS assets;

  • Assist in the establishment of NFTCircle in the NULS network.

  • 为Nabox项目上线提供支持;

  • 协助NerveBridge接入合作项目10个资产;

  • 拓展NULS资产使用场景;

  • 协助支持NFTCircle在NULS网络中搭建。

Juggernot’s Community Council Report

Work summary (May)

  • Community Support
  • Assisting with ERC20 Swap requests
  • Created proposal for ERC20 to NULS swap on Nerve
  • Partnership matters

Work plan (June)

  • Community Support
  • Cross promotions for NULS with Nabox
  • Partnership follow-up

NULS community councilor’s Work report (Vivi)
Work summary (May)

  • The Nabox plug-in simulates the MateMask implementation. Part of the interface has been implemented and the existing transfer function of Nabox wallet has been supported.
  • Nabox2.0-Android-App wallet feature development has been completed and is currently in the development of embedded application.
  • Nabox2.0-iOS-APP wallet feature, only cross-chain transfer feature development.
  • The Nabox-Bridge module is online.

Work plan (June)

  • Nabox2.0 plugin mainnet online (support part of Matemask interface)
  • Nabox2.0- Android-app mainnet online (embeddable application)
  • Nabox2.0-iOS-app completes all functions of the wallet (can’t be embedded in the APP)
  • Investigate all kinds of swap wallets in the market (for example: O3Swap)
  • Discuss the implementation of Nabox Swap and enter the development stage
    NULS community councilor’s Work report in JUN,2021(Vivi)
    讨论Nabox swap实现方案,并进入开发阶段

Summary of work this month 本月工作总结





Work plan for next month 下月工作计划



Summary of work this month

  1. Management and maintenance of committees and community nodes.

  2. Participants’ ETH-ERC20 redemption.

  3. Distribute NTC remuneration.

  4. Other management and communication work.

Work plan for next month

  1. NTC remuneration distribution and node maintenance.

  2. The final review of ERC20 redemption issuance.


  1. Follow ambassador program , participate in the meeting, and support their work.
  2. Follow the daily work and review of content contribution proposals.
  3. Follow the progress of volunteer proposal.
  4. Daily maintenance of community operations.
  5. Continue to develop NULS in the real estate industry.

NULS Council Report May

  1. Helping the spanish community with doubts , and installation problems.
  2. Submitted NULS and sent many requests with all the information needed to include NULS in exchanges and payment processors.
  3. Help wherever was possible and asked.
  4. Assist with a local NULS project.
    Work Plan for next month
  5. Organize everything for the meeting due this week.
  6. Market Nuls in Colombia and Venezuela
  7. Look for partners that we can both benefit.
  8. Stay updated on the projects that are being worked on

NULS 委员会报告 5 月 1. 帮助西班牙社区解决疑惑和安装问题。 2. 提交了 NULS 并发送了许多请求,其中包含将 NULS 包含在交易所和支付处理器中所需的所有信息。 3. 尽可能帮助并询问。 4. 协助当地的NULS项目。

下个月工作计划 1. 为本周到期的会议安排一切。 2. 哥伦比亚和委内瑞拉的市场 Nul 3. 寻找双方都能受益的合作伙伴。 4. 随时了解正在进行的项目