November Report from George Pro

The month of November was pretty busy for my personal life. Even though I was very busy, I was able to get a few things running as a Nulstar. I thank the Nuls community for the support they have given me and the Africa community. My sincere gratitude to @tinetien89 for the continued support. Even though we(Sebastien and me) are situated in different countries with different time zones. We continue to collaborate and communicate to give our support to this project fully without compromise.

In the month of November the Nuls West Africa team was able to arrange an AMA slot with Crypto_Africa(over 2000 members ) on Telegram this has been postponed to December. Thanks to @Berzeck for always spearheading our AMA activities

I continue to use Various social media to propagate Nuls News and other vital information. Almost all Nuls news was shared on Nuls West Africa Twitter page, Nuls Africa Facebook page, Nuls west Africa medium page and Nuls Africa telegram group.

Nuls Facebook page, over 700 members(

Nuls West Africa Twitter ( over 1700 followers

Nuls west Africa medium page and

Nuls telegram over 400 members. As an admin who seeks to ensure that the page is run smoothly without any malicious and unwanted information being shared there. I recognized the fact that, our telegram group did not see any significant growth in terms of members in the month of November I therefore adhere that more attention will be focused on the growth of the Telegram group in the subsequent month for significant growth to be seen and recognized.

My personal Twitter page which has over 11,000 followers was also used to propagate Nuls new. More often Nuls information is retweeted, created and shared.

I also used my Medium page to propagate Nuls information. This is the transcript of the AMA we have had.This was written by me to serve those who missed the AMA

A very big Thank you to Aurora, very supportive and ready to see me grow. I like the passion you have for Nuls Berzeck an example I’m following. I promise to be active and to support Nuls growth throughout Africa which would transcend to Nuls being seen as the best in blockchain industry, this is not easy easy. Still, I believe that, with I can-do spirit, support and unity, this is achievable.

Kind regards,

George Pro

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