NerveNetwork updated to v1.16.0

Dear NerveNetwork Community:


The latest version of NerveNetwork v1.16.0 will be released on 14th Dec 11:00 (UTC +8) and the new protocol will take effect on 17th Dec 8:00 (UTC+8).

v1.16.0 Update Details:

  1. Assets other than NVT will no longer be able to stake in the Nerve mainnet to earn NVT once the new protocol takes effect . Old users still can withdraw their staking assets such as ETH, BNB, NULS, etc…

  2. NVT_USDTN_LP,NVT-ETH_LP,NVT_BNB_LP,NVT_NULS_LP were added to stake in Nerve mainnet to earn NVT.

  3. NerveNetwork now supports assets from Cronos , Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom

  4. Optimized underlying AMM protocol.

  5. Cross-chain protocol optimized. Supported incoming assets as gas fees.

  6. Known bugs fixed.

This is a mandatory update with protocol changes, all mainnet nodes are required to complete the updates to avoid any inconvenience due to the protocol changes.

How to update:

Update using Docker: NerveNetwork/nerve-wallet-node:v1.16.0

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Questions & Feedbacks

NerveNetwork is a globalized project driven by worldwide communities. For questions and suggestions you can join our official channel, we will give you the latest tech support. We apologize in advance for that we might not be able to solve your troubles in time due to the time difference.

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Dec 14 th, 2021