NerveNetwork Mainnet Supports Zero Gas Fee for Inter-chain Transactions

Since the NerveNetwork mainnet upgraded to v1.10.0, the bottom layer has supported zero gas fees to initiate transactions on the blockchain. This upgrade has lowered the threshold for the use of NerveNetwork’s cross-chain and NerveDEX.

Here we offer three using scenes to help your understanding.

Scene one (Inter-chain transaction):

Alice cross chain transfers 1000 BUSD from BSC to NerveDEX. She can directly use BUSD to trade on NerveDEX and exchange other assets with open trading pairs without get NVT tokens as the main network gas fee.

Scene two (Inter-chain transaction):

Bob cross-chain transfers 100HT from Heco to Nerve wallet. Then Bob can transfer to Alice’s Nerve address without any gas fee. Alice will receive the transferring tokens from Bob within 2 seconds and complete the transaction confirmation.

Scene three (Cross-chain transaction):

Alice wants to cross-chain transfer her NULS tokens from BSC to Heco to participate in liquidity mining. Alice only needs to have some BNB tokens on BSC as gas fee when cross-chain through NerveNetwork. After NULS cross-chain to NerveNetwork, she can exchange some NVT tokens or buy some NVT on NerveDEX as gas fee, and then she can cross chain transfer to Heco.

Although blockchain has been highly developing, it still has a high threshold. Perhaps this is also a core reason why the blockchain has not really been used by the public.

For example: Bob withdraws 1000BUSD and 1000NULS from Binance to BSC to participate in PancakeSwap liquidity, in addition to the above assets, Bob also needs to get some BNB tokens as gas fee. One more step will block some new users.

Therefore, we can understand how important a blockchain network with no gas fee, high performance, and second-level confirmation is.

Now, Let’s together use Nerve Wallet and NerveDEX to experience the zero gas fee blockchain network!

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