NerveNetwork发起人Berzeck 之ZT Global “星”后浪云峰会精彩分享

6月5日,NerveNetwork发起人Berzeck受邀参加ZT Global “星”后浪云峰会,以下是精彩的演讲内容:

Berzeck:Hello, everyone! I’m Berzeck, founder of NerveNetwork, the NULS eco-heterogeneous cross-chain project, from Bolivia. First of all, Thank you very much for the “Star” Houlang Block chain Yunfeng meeting provided by ZT Exchange, so that I can have the opportunity to share here.


Berzeck:Nerve is a decentralized digital asset service network, which is a set of cross-chain interactive protocols based on the NULS microservices framework and developed with ChainBox. The goal is to eliminate the isolation problem that most blockchains have while establishing a cross-chain interoperable asset interaction network, and providing all the underlying support for the Defi applications ecosystem; letting digital asset holders enjoy truly secure, free and transparent Defi application services.

译文Nerve 是一个去中心化的数字资产服务网络。它是基于NULS微服务框架, 使用 NULS ChainBox(链工厂的底层)开发搭建的区块链跨链交互协议。旨在打破区块链价值孤岛,建立跨链互通的资产交互网络,为 Defi 应用生态提供底层支持。让数字资产持有者享受真正安全、自由、透明的 Defi 应用服务。

Berzeck:NerveNetwork website:

译文:NerveNetwork 官网:。

Berzeck:Thanks to the Nerve cross-chain interaction protocol, only a small amount of development is required through a standard interface to transform blockchains of different structures into a set of universal asset types that can be recognized by cross-chain modules in the NULS ecosystem. In this way, it can open up asset interactions inside and outside the NULS ecosystem, and at the same time provide rich DeFi usage scenarios for mainstream digital assets such as BTC and ETH.


译文:通过 Nerve 跨链交互协议,只需要通过标准的接口进行少量的开发,即可将不同结构的区块链转化成为一套 NULS 生态中跨链模块能够识别的通用资产类型。从而打通 NULS 生态体系内外的资产交互,同时也为主流的数字资产,例如 BTC、ETH 等提供丰富的 Defi 使用场景。这个过程是非常高效的。

Berzeck:Nerve has been designed to complement NULS blockchain and use some of its capabilities including its smart contract’s VM. Its aim is to open the gates to interconnect several blockchain platforms enjoying our blockchain strengths.

译文:Nerve旨在补充NULS区块链并使用其某些功能,包括智能合约的VM。 其目的是打开大门,以连接其他大型的多个区块链平台。

Berzeck:Nerve uses NULS technology architecture to implement this protocol.Because NULS is the only project on all crypto landscape that implemented a microservices architecture, this type of architecture is being implemented by the biggest software companies on Earth, like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix just to name a few, one of it’s best advantages is that its a lot easier to upgrade and deploy individual modules that can be coded in any development language making progress faster and more efficient than the competition.

译文:Nerve采用NULS的底层架构来实现这个协议。因为NULS在所有的区块链项目中,是唯一一个使用微服务架构的。纵观全球最大的软件公司,例如谷歌,微软,Facebook, Netflix,他们都在使用微服务架构发展他们的业务。NULS2.0采用的微服务架构,一个最好的优势是它更容易升级和部署不同的模块,在任何开发语言环境中都能更快的展开和更有效地在竞争中脱颖而出。

Berzeck:No matter what technology your blockchain has now, if it doesn’t have the ability to adapt to newer technologies your blockchain is destined to be deprecated, that’s probably the only constant in technology, especially in crypto!


Berzeck:In this regard Nerve (and NULS) were designed from scratch with the ability to evolve and adapt faster than other crypto platforms using fewer resources thanks to its microservices infrastructure.


Berzeck:Let me put it this way, if Vitalik finds the ultimate scalability solution, while he is receiving the Turing award, we will pack the solution in a microservice and deploy it to our customers months before Ethereum, so blockchains connected to Nerve will be able to enjoy this kind of progress.

译文:让我这么说吧, 如果 Vitalik 找到最终解决方案的可扩展性,当他获得图灵奖时,我们可以把他的方案用微服务架构的方法打包并将其部署到以太坊客户端。用不了多久,和Nerve相连的区块链就能够同步的享受到这种技术的进步了。

Berzeck:In some way, it’s like projects investing huge amounts of resources researching are effectively working for us.


Berzeck:For example, as you can see in the screenshot, Nerve uses NULS’s 11 basic modules completely unchanged even at the binary level, which reduced most of the development effort. We just needed to develop a new Consensus module (POC+BFT), a protocol conversion module, and the node feed module.



Berzeck:Nerve has 3 types of nodes:

1] Normal nodes: similar to their equivalent on NULS, in charge to validate transactions

2] Consensus nodes: similar in function from their NULS’ equivalents, responsible to process Nerve’s blockchain transactions, for efficiency reasons only 35 will be selected to process transactions

3] Virtual Banks: Responsible for the maintenance of cross-chain assets, only 15 will be selected from consensus nodes.


(1)普通节点: 类似于其在NULS上的节点;

(2)共识节点: 与NULS节点功能相似,负责处理Nerve的区块链事务,出于效率考虑,仅选择35个节点进行事务处理;

(3)虚拟银行: 负责跨链资产的维护,仅从共识节点中选择15个。

Berzeck:Firstly,many services and products are planned that will use Nerve Tokens (NVT) as fees, the first one is Nerve Dex (NDEX) that will charge fees using NVT generating direct demand.


Berzeck:The more products are built around Nerve and NULS the more demand for NVT, also we understand that one of the important qualities a crypto project needs to survive is the ability to create a healthy ecosystem around it.


Berzeck:We will invest a lot searching for partners and entrepreneurs that will add value to our ecosystem building products and real solutions to companies.


Berzeck:Also, NVT will give holders direct power to decide its future and direction because Nerve is also an community dirven project,which enables them be able to vote for proposals and/or future plans.


Berzeck:BTC, ETH, NULS holders will be able to mine to get NVT.


Berzeck:Node owners, of course, will receive more rewards so our partners will compete to get more NVT to achieve Consensus node status and Virtual Bank node status, this generates direct buying pressure.


Berzeck:We’ve got NDEX open;

Next, we plan to invite top platforms and institutions in the industry to serve as bank nodes.



Berzeck:July 2020 - Nerve’s main-net will be released

Q3 2020 - NerveDEX trading platform, light wallet, staking will be available, and external interfaces will be opened.


第三季度,我们将发布Nerve DEX、轻钱包。在那时,大家也可以在Nerve上委托,外部接口将会陆续开放。

Berzeck:After that we will continue docking more blockchains. In the near future, Nerve users will access seamless to various assets of BTC, ETH, ERC20, NULS, NRC20 and NULS parallel chains, and there are plans to support more mainstream blockchains.


Berzeck:NVT’s maxmum supply is 2.1 billion, with an initial circulation of 1.1 billion (1 billion will be generated by consensus nodes and virtual banks)


BerzeckThe distribution is as follows:

10 million airdrops to the NULS community, 1 for every 10NULS held;

Pre-development: 190 million, community building and promotion, and virtual bank recruitment;

Cornerstone investments: 300 million, institutional investments and partners;

Foundation: 600 million (200 million virtual bank pledge, 400 million linear release within 20 months after the main network is online for 1 year).

Output of Staking: 1 billion, 86,400 pieces per day, released after 100 years, with extremely low inflation rate.







Berzeck:NeverNetwork initiated the NULS holder 10:1 airdrop and planned to take a snapshot at NULS main network height 2620000 (approximately 12 July 2020).At present, there are many exchanges and institutions to support the air drop.

译文NeverNetwork已开启对NULS持有人10:1空投,计划在NULS主网高度2620000(大约是2020年7月12日 )进行快照。目前已有多家交易所及机构支持本次空投。

Berzeck:Next,If you hold BTC、ETH、or NULS, you can get NVT rewards by staking them on NerveNetwork.

译文:接下来, 如果你持有BTC、ETH或NULS,你可以用他们参与NerveNetwork的Staking获得NVT奖励.

Berzeck:For other real-time campaign rewards, Please Check out the – Nerve News channel and follow our twitter account @nerve_network

译文:其他实时活动奖励,请关注NULS论坛(——Nerve News频道,以及我们的twitter账号@nerve_network。

Berzeck:As you can see, Nerve has caught the attention of the ethereum community! This is just the beginning. Nerve will definitely attract more projects and developers. Nerve not only helps with value flow, but also delivers blockchain value.So far, some influential bloggers have started to popularize and promote Nerve.


Berzeck:If you want to build a DEX based on NerveNetwork, we are willing to support you;


Berzeck:Whatever you are a project、media or exchange, we will have the opportunity to enpower each other;If you are a media partner that interested in Nerve, I am glad for an interview.


Berzeck:NerveNetwork enables to provide decentralized assect management service for exchanges and wallets, we also hope that more platforms will support various assects on NerveNetwork. We sincerly invite you to join the node of Nerve main-net.


Berzeck:Moreover, we are seeking for more resources and institutions to join us. If you are interested, feel free to contact with me.


Berzeck:This is the end of my share for today! Hopefully, everybody has now a better idea about what Nerve has to offer and its competitive advantages. Thanks again for the invitation from ZT organizers. I wish you all a happy weekend!