Nabox Weekly Report [20210906]


  • The overall module development is completed and has been submitted for testing.
  • The bug problem of each module was fixed.
  • NaboxSwap page and interface docking testing.

Nabox App

  • Added upgrade push and reminder functions.
  • Solved the problem of transaction details showing duplicate transaction hash.
  • Fixed multiple known bugs.
  • Fixed the problem of the calculated amount showing negative due to handling fees.
  • Launched DApp Integration for NULS Blockchain.

Community Operation

Nabox Liquidity Pool Updates

Nabox Community Updates

  • Twitter followers are now 41.6K.
  • Telegram community members are 31.4K.
  • Discord community members are 30.1K.


  • 整体模块开发完成并提交测试
  • 优化各个模块的Bug问题
  • NaboxSwap页面和接口对接测试

Nabox APP

  • 新增升级推送和提醒功能
  • 修复交易详情显示交易Hash重复的问题
  • 修复多个已知Bug
  • 修复因手续费导致计算金额为负数问题
  • 启动NULS区块链的DApp集成

Community operation

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