Nabox Weekly Report [20210823]


  • Completed vaults module backend interface co-debugging
  • Optimized the front-end display of the vaults module
  • Optimized bugs that appear in local joint

Nabox App

  • Transaction details and asset details jump webview style to DApp consistent.
  • Optimized the chain label of the asset list page
  • Tips for optimizing NVT deficiencies in cross-chain transfers
  • Resolved external browser compatibility issues
  • Solved the problem of loss of accuracy when transferring money and cross-link clicking at the maximum
  • Changed the text style of the password box
  • The guide interface for mnemonic and private key import adds sliding function
  • Asset details for NULS and Nerve networks, new available and locked balances
  • Center the title of the DApp interface
  • Redirect to external browser when user taps “Download”
  • Optimized the logic of importing mnemonics and private keys
  • Fixed the problem of logo display at the top of the confirmation transfer interface
  • Fixed import mnemonics enter special characters and multiple spaces will generate new account issues
  • Released the latest version of Nabox App beta

:warning: Note: The private key must be backed up before this update (the private key must be backed up. The mnemonic algorithm has been adjusted, so do not back up the account by backing up the mnemonic). The old version needs to be uninstalled before the new version is installed for this update.

Download the latest version of Android:

iOS latest version download link:

Community Operation


  • 完成Vaults模块后端接口联调
  • 优化Vaults模块前端展示
  • 优化本地联调出现的BUG

Nabox APP

  • 交易详情和资产详情跳转webview样式改为DApp一致
  • 优化资产列表页面的所属链标签
  • 优化跨链转账NVT不足的提示
  • 解决跳转外部浏览器兼容性问题
  • 解决转账和跨链点击最大时精度丢失的问题
  • 修改密码框的文字样式
  • 助记词和私钥导入的引导界面增加滑动功能
  • NULS和Nerve网络的资产详情新增可用和锁定余额
  • 将DApp界面的标题居中
  • 将webview的下载支持改为跳转外部浏览器
  • 优化导入助记词和私钥的逻辑
  • 修复确认转账界面顶部Logo显示问题
  • 修复导入助记词输入特殊字符以及多个空格会生成新的账户问题

更新发布了最新版本Nabox APP beta




Community operation

  • 上线5个项目的DApp应用并联合宣传
  • NABOX在Bitmart上线交易并联合宣传
  • Nabox与Bitmart一起举行RT活动
  • NABOX在ApeSwap上线Farm池超过30万美金
  • Biswap上NABOX Farm池超过30万美金
  • Telegram社区成员超过30K,Twitter关注超过40K

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About Us

Nabox is a Cross-chain DeFi wallet with DID capabilities built for Web3.

Built on the cross-chain friendly NULS blockchain, Nabox enables seamless transactions and swaps across various chains via NerveNetwork technology.

Nabox — the simple, user-friendly gateway to DeFi.

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