Nabox Weekly Report [20210816]


  • Completed front-end SDK API call for vaults.
  • Completed the front-end development of the pool module.
  • Fixed the bug in the self-test process of the front end of the transfer module.
  • Optimized the exchange logic of the Swap module.

Nabox App

  • Now able to use the support panel to open through an external browser.
  • Modified the problem of crashing when the network is bad.
  • Can now create new account and import private key and mnemonic default chain change to Ethereum.
  • Modified the processing logic of mnemonics.
  • Modified the logic of cross-chain transfer to select assets and filter the receiving chain.
  • Added DApp browser open function.
  • Modified mnemonic creation and import page encryption when public key generation failed.
  • Added function to change wallet password.
  • Modified the style of the mnemonic import interface.
  • If two consecutive face payment verification fail, you can enter a password to pay.

Community Operations


  • 完成前端部分Vaults前端SDK/API调用
  • 完成Pool模块前端开发
  • 修改Transfer模块前端自测过程中的bug
  • 优化Swap模块的兑换逻辑

Nabox APP

  • 使用支持板块通过外部浏览器打开
  • 修改网络很弱的情况下导致崩溃的问题
  • 新建账号和导入私钥及助记词默认链更改为Ethereum
  • 修改助记词的处理逻辑
  • 修改跨链转账选中资产筛选接收链的逻辑
  • 新增DApp浏览器打开的功能
  • 修改助记词创建和导入页面加密公钥生成失败的问题
  • 新增修改钱包密码的功能
  • 修改助记词导入界面的样式
  • 若连续两次面容支付验证失败,可输入密码支付

Community Operation

  • 上线Golff / CherrySwap / PandaSwap / Jswap / PandaSwap等多个DApp应用
  • Nabox 跨链新增集成2个项目资产
  • 发布Nabox APP公测版本
  • 启动制作Nabox APP使用教程
  • Nabox路线图升级
  • 启动了日本社区的发展

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