Nabox Weekly Report [20210809]

Nabox Backend

  • Resolve the bug that appeared on the optimization background management page
  • Debugging the new ETH signature interface with DApp
  • Complete the development of the underlying functions of the Pool module


  • Begin to integrate NerveBridge cross-chain transaction process
  • Complete cross-chain order transaction development
  • Complete the debugging of Pool function and back-end docking

Nabox APP

  • Change the transfer page to only support in-chain transfers
  • Cross-link, transfer page, put the selected asset column at the top
  • New DApp eth_getTransactionByHash method implementation
  • Account editor adds backup mnemonics
  • Solve the problem that the transfer office will crash when selecting the asset pop-up window for contract address screening
  • Resolve the problem that special assets on the transfer page will cause a crash
  • Entering DApp no longer requests to obtain network status interface api/sync/info
  • Click on the link to jump to the link of the transaction hash
  • Solve the special account after the success of the home page assets and transaction records did not refresh the problem
  • Handling the issue that the transfer details page may crash
  • Added non-cross-linked asset ID, cross-linked button is gray
  • Solve the transfer page address to enter a few less can also be the next transfer problem
  • Solve the problem of keyboard delay in the exit interface of the asset management page
  • Complete mnemonics to create an account
  • Compatible with “0x” prefix when importing private key

Nabox Plugin

  • Solve the optimization browser plug-in and release 1.0.11 version

Community Operation

  • Strategic cooperation between Nabox and CocoSwap;
  • Nabox APP adds nearly 10 DApps including Biswap/ApeSwap/CocoSwap/Jswap
  • Reach cooperation with the Basic project to jointly develop the Korean market in the future
  • Nabox integrates 3 new project assets across the chain
  • The NFTCircle project launched a joint NFT image for Nabox
  • Cocoswap collaborates with Nabox
  • DOGMOON is now connected to BSC and OKExChain NULS on Nabox through NerveNetwork!


  • 解决优化后台管理页面出现的Bug
  • 与DApp调试新增的ETH签名接口
  • 完成Pool模块底层功能开发


  • 开始集成NerveBridge跨链交易流程
  • 完成跨链订单交易开发
  • 完成Pool功能与后端对接调试

Nabox APP

  • 转账页面更改为只支持链内转账
  • 跨链、转账页面,将选择资产栏置于最上方
  • 新增DApp eth_getTransactionByHash方法实现
  • 账户编辑增加备份助记词
  • 解决转账处选择资产弹窗进行合约地址筛选会崩溃的问题
  • 解决转账页面出现特殊资产会导致崩溃的问题
  • 进入DApp不再请求获取网络状态接口api/sync/info
  • 交易详情增加按钮,点击链接,跳转进入交易hash的链接中
  • 解决专账成功后首页资产和交易记录没刷新的问题
  • 处理转账详情页面可能会崩溃的问题
  • 增加不可跨链的资产标识,跨链按钮为灰色
  • 解决转账页面地址少输入几位也能进行下一步转账的问题
  • 解决资产管理页面退出界面收起键盘延迟问题
  • 完成助记词创建账户
  • 导入私钥时兼容”0x”前缀

Nabox Plugin

  • 解决优化浏览器插件并发布1.0.11版本

Community operation

  • Nabox与CocoSwap达成战略合作;
  • Nabox APP新增Biswap/ApeSwap/CocoSwap/Jswap等近10个DApps收录
  • 与Basic项目达成合作,未来将共同发展韩国市场;
  • Nabox 跨链新增集成3个项目资产
  • NFTCircle项目为Nabox发起了联名NFT形象

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