Nabox Mobile App (Beta) is now LIVE

Hello Nabox Community!

We are excited to announce that the brand-new Nabox Mobile App is ALMOST ready for game-time!

We are very grateful to the closed-group beta-testers who have been patient with us throughout the testing phase.

Here’s a taste of what makes us different from other wallets:

  • Integrating NerveNetwork cross-chain; cross-chain assets registered through NerveNetwork can be transferred between 6 blockchains: Ethereum, BSC, Heco, NULS, Nerve and OEC.
  • Supports asset management and DApp access to 6 blockchains through a single private key
  • Supports multi-chain DApp to switch accounts and networks in use
  • Allows you to see the distribution and total value of your total assets in each block chain network
  • … and much more to come!

The app is still in beta at the moment, and we will continue to implement new features and improvements based on user feedback to create an optimal Nabox experience.

Without further ado, here are direct links to the Nabox mobile apps!

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大家好 :grinning:

新版本的Nabox Mobile APP经过我们近半年的重新架构和开发,在此我们推出了全新的Nabox Mobile APP,它凝聚了团队和所有社区成员的心血。我们非常感谢在过去那些对Nabox耐心的支持者和测试人员。

Nabox作为Web 3.0应用的数字身份入口,我们也带来了一些和其他钱包有所不同的Nabox Mobile APP特色功能:

  • 集成NerveNetwork跨链,可以实现通过NerveNetwork注册的跨链资产在Ethereum、BSC、Heco、OEC等6条区块链之间跨链互转;
  • 支持通过单一的私钥身份对6条区块链的资产管理和DApp生态接入;
  • 支持多链DApp在使用中对账户和网络进行切换;
  • 在这里,你可以看到你在各条区块链网络总资产的分布和总价值;
  • 更多有趣儿的功能期待您的的建议和探索。




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