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Introduction | 项目简介

Nabox was originally created in 2018 as an incubated project by the NULS Foundation. Originally built to serve users of NULS, Nabox’ userbase has seen continuous growth as the NULS ecosystem develops. The vision of DeFi and blockchain is to have projects interact with each other without barriers. However, with the myriad of different chains each vying for dominance, we are starting to see fragmentation in the industry as a whole. Our mission is to create a revolutionary cross-chain wallet built for Web 3.0. With Nabox, users are able to manage their assets including transfer and make signatures across various chains, including Ethereum, BSC, Heco, NULS etc for now, forming the foundation of the cross-chain capabilities of NerveNetwork, another NULS-incubated project. With the Nabox plugin, users are able to seamlessly utilize their digital assets across various chains at the click of a button. With this, we hope to be the enabler to push BSC, Heco, OKExChain, NULS and other higher performance blockchains in becoming more closely integrated to the Ethereum Layer 2 infrastructure.

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Exchanges | 交易平台

CoinMaketCap: Nabox price today, NABOX to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap
Coingecko: Nabox price today, chart, market cap & news | CoinGecko
Mytokencap: NABOX价格_NABOX今日行情_NABOXK线趋势图-MyToken好的链

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Contract address | 网络合约地址

Ethereum: 0x03d1e72765545729a035e909edd9371a405f77fb
BSC: 0x755f34709e369d37c6fa52808ae84a32007d1155
Heco: 0x959ff4d35b1ad8425276383a2b128e398b10c5d7
OKExChain: 0x68df883715a12f085ffe54e90733a12c7c9c8128