Nabox App Background

Hello People,
As I am using Nabox App for most my interaction with NULS such as storing NULS, staking and playing GoBloc game, I am curious to know about the development team behind it.

My first reason to know more about the development team is because they have really done a great job with Nabox. Second reason being the ability to communicate with them for any possible improvement suggestion that anyone may come across.

Hello! Nabox is developed by NULS NTC( NULS Technical Community) , you can get the information on website:—wallet. Glad to hear that you enjoy it, I also like Nabox :relaxed: :relaxed:And please feel free to propose any suggestions for Nabox,the team will be glad to make improvements for the product.

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Hey Aurora, thanks for replying.
I have a suggestion for one feature addition to the Nabox App which I communicated in the telegram channel few months ago. I would like to post it here again.


A feature addition of RedPacket application within the Nabox app. By this, any user can create /accept a redpacket from any other user who wants to send/receive it. It’s a very effective way of community engagement. This is a feature which is used in Elastos blockchain wallet and it creates very good engagement among community members and node operators. Currently, SWIFT wallet is used for this purpose by NULS.
If the time and resources permit NULS NTC, then I think that it should be taken into consideration.

Probable scenarios:

  1. A community member is thankful and wants to show his appreciation to another community member for solving some of his issue or for providing some relevant information.
  2. A member wants to celebrate some occasion with other members of the community.
  3. NULS team want to celebrate some important milestone with the community.

These are some of the probable scenarios that came to my mind, so i wanted to share it with others. :blush:

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My pleasure :hugs: :hugs:

For the RedPacket application, NULS partner TPU is developing. You can see Interface Debug in ecology button on Nabox. It’s still under testing ( the version is only in Chinese at the moment). I suppose it will officially launch soon!

And there are Heart On Chain and Real-time epidemic tracking application developed by Jieyi Domain. If we want to memorize some important occasions and events, we can write them down. All of them will be recorded on the chain.

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