MyTrade AMA:NULS Listed on MyTrade|NULS上线MyTrade

Host:We are excited to announce that NULS is now listed on MyTrade! NULS/USDT pair is now available to add liquidity and trade. As a result, we are happy to invite DZ, Founder of MyTrade, to our NULS community to conduct an AMA and discuss more about MyTrade and the next generation DEX they are building.

Hi,DZ.Please briefly introduce yourself.

DZ:Hi everyone, I am DZ, a Canadian. I entered the crypto space during the last bull run in 2017. Prior to starting MyTrade, myself and a few cofounders incubated and invested in some crypto projects, and had a wide variety of businesses serving Centralized exchanges (CEXs). It’s my pleasure to be here in the NULS community introducing MyTrade.

Host:There are already many DEXs out there, what makes MyTrade unique?

DZ:MyTrade has 2 main unique features that differentiate it from other DEXs. Firstly, MyTrade has developed a unique algorithm that precisely integrates liquidity from both order book and AMM pool. This integrated liquidity pool will always provide Takers with the best execution price by automatically matching orders from either the order book or the AMM pool.

Secondly, MyTrade V2 will feature a unique first of its kind ‘Limit Order Mining’ feature which will significantly increase professional Market Maker’s capital efficiency.

MyTrade supports both Market and Limit orders with K-Line Chart, makers enjoy 0% trading fee.

Host:What’s the current stage of MyTrade and can you share your roadmap?

DZ: We have already launched MyTrade V1 product on HPB and HECO. MyTrade V2 Testnet will be launching on Polygon soon in August and MyTrade V2 Mainnet will launch on Polygon in September. We are happy to announce that we have received Polygon’s Developer grant and are working closely with the Polygon team to build their global ecosystem. We are co-operating their developer network in China.

MyTrade V2 can be deployed on all EVM-compatible chains and Layer2.

Host:Where can our community find the MyTrade product and use it?

DZ: You can currently use our MyTrade V1 product (PC) on HECO and HPB below.

Mobile users can search ‘mytrade’ on a HECO supported wallet (Coinhub, Huobi Wallet, Token Pocket, Bitkeep, Hyperpay)

Host:Are there any incentives to attract our community to add liquidity to NULS/USDT pair?

DZ: Yes, first of all LPs are able to earn 0.3% of all trading fees for the pair. We are also running a unique NFT Medal campaign right now. LPs on MyTrade V1 will be able to earn an NFT Medal (Level 1-5) based on their average daily amount of liquidity provided. Traders on V1 can also earn NFT Medals based on their trading volume.

MyTrade NFT Medal holders will get special VIP benefits that include MyTrade Token airdrop, additional staking dividends, and more.

(以下为AMA 译文)






第二,MyTrade V2将具有独一无二的“限价挖矿”功能,这将显著提高专业做市商的资金使用效率。



DZ:我们已经在HPB和HECO上推出了MyTrade V1产品。MyTrade V2测试网将于8月在Polygon上发布,MyTrade V2 正式版本将于9月在Polygon上发布。我们很高兴地宣布,我们已经获得了Polygon开发者的grant,并正在与Polygon团队密切合作,以建立他们的全球生态系统。另外我们正在与他们中国开发者网络紧密合作。

MyTrade V2可以部署在所有与EVM兼容的链和Layer2上。


您目前可以在Heco和HPB上使用我们的MyTrade V1产品(PC)。

移动用户可以在Heco生态链支持的钱包(Coinhub、Huobi钱包、Token Pocket、Bitkeep、Hyperpay)上搜索“mytrade”。


DZ:是的,首先流动性提供者能够赚取该公司所有交易费用的0.3%。我们现在也在开展一项独特的NFT奖牌活动,MyTrade V1上的有限合伙人将能够根据其提供的平均每日流动性金额获得NFT奖章(1-5级),V1上的交易者也可以根据交易量获得NFT奖牌。

MyTrade NFT奖牌持有者将获得特殊的VIP福利,包括MyTrade代币空投、额外的红利等。