MyCointainer & NULS partnership


It’s Kamil from MyCointainer. In the coming days, I will be preparing a NULS Community Fund voting proposal to reactivate the joint partnership between MyCointainer and NULS. In this thread, I would like to introduce an idea before you vote.


MyCointainer was founded in 2018 and is an all-in-one international, licensed crypto platform where people can make profits from their cryptocurrencies. MyCointainer consists of services that support the development of NULS and the growth of our community.

Story about MyCointainer x NULS

Since the early years of MyCointainer, NULS has been one of the pioneer Proof-of-Stake coins integrated into the platform. We officially introduced ourselves in February 2021, when we submitted a formal partnership proposal similar to that of today - for a delegation of funds to our node.

MyCointainer community promotes the NULS ecosystem, including Custodial Staking, Exchange pairs, and many successful marketing activities carried out on the platform.

NULS at MyCointainer Products

Currently, MyCointainer enables the trade of BTC/NULS, EUR/NULS and many other FIAT and cryptocurrency pairs directly on the MyCointainer Exchange. We also offer our users custodial staking, which can generate 12.5% yearly return while holding the NULS token (we have not turned off this offer even though we are not currently earning any rewards on our node). Most importantly, staking starts immediately after purchase/deposit, and rewards automatically take effect.

When it comes to marketing, we also have supported NULS by exposing it to the graphics of the platform. Logo of NULS is visible on Sign Up & Login pages of MyCointainer Platform. Moreover, NULS bonus with every trade on MyCointainer still exists which means that new users of the platform are surrounded by NULS exposure.

Milestones we achieved

  • Total deposits in MyCointainer: 249,291.25 NULS
  • Distributed to new user registration: 3,083.25 NULS
  • Allocated bonus on Exchange: 823.75 NULS
  • Awarded to the community during giveaway campaigns: 11,658.17 NULS


After some time of successful work we spotted some issues with our node. The first problem with the wallet signing the check on node has been solved quickly. We also increased all server parameters that time. Unfortunately, then another error appeared, which caused our node to shut down. We tried to contact the NULS team but were unable to resolve the issue within 24 hours. Thus, we lost the delegation.

New milestones to do

  1. We will enable and register a new NULS node with our own 20K NULS capital.

  2. We will create a voting proposal (Community Fund proposal) to delegate 200K NULS coins to our node so that we can reach the 200K threshold and start earning rewards. After that, we set the staking fee of 10%, which means that we could use such rewards to distribute to our community and continue ongoing campaigns with the use of NULS coins.

  3. MyCointainer platform users will get better services of the NULS ecosystem:

  • We will reactivate the NULS non-custodial staking to our node.
  • We will increase the NULS rewards on custodial staking and be the most competitive in the market.
  • We will provide the best visual exposure in the platform for NULS.

We ask you as the NULS community to accept our offer.

MyCointainer Team