My Work Report From July to August

Hi Everyone, My name is Nafis Khan and I am from Bangladesh . My passion about NULS…
I started reading about NULS and I got more and more involved. Special thanks to Aurora for helping out when I need it… She said that the Chinese Community love me which was really inspiring for me to go ahead. I got so much help from her. She is always nice and ready to help.Steven Is Also helping me in my works, He is also a great person…This mean a lot for me to work hard.

:o: I translated some questions and answers from Aurora in Bengali language. So Bangladeshi Community can understand better what is NULS. And It is very helpful for the community!

:o: I translated an article about Nuls in Bengali And English, so way more people can read it…Steven Also Helped me A lot in my works, he is also working for us,

:o: My Further plans For NULS is that i want to make t shirts of NULS and promote NULS from it.Also i am Planning to make articles including NULS in English And Bengali,

:o: I established NULS Bangladeh Community group in Telegram currently with 1100 people in it: @NULSBangladesh

the group is established after 25th of April!

Community Name :- NULS Bangladesh :bangladesh:
Community moderator :- Nafis Khan