My work report for the month of June and my future plans


As a person aspiring to be the head of NULS West Africa Community, I will position myself to be responsible for connecting with, inspiring, and educating developers and newbies in the NULS technical and newbies community. I will also adhere to working closely across the project with the teams ranging from Marketing to Engineering to Product, as well as building relationships with 3rd parties and partners. I will be strategic in creating and cultivating a welcoming online community for users, developers, and researchers to discuss and share solutions around the blockchain oracle problem across Africa. I will:
• Set the strategy for building a robust, active technical and newbies community, including the setting and tracking of measurable goals and KPIs
• Increase the awareness of and drive the growth for the NULS Africa community
• Create community programs to increase the number of developers who regularly interact with and build with NULS in the Africa regions
• Moderate discussions; ensure that topics are on point and that questions are responded to (personally or by the community) well and in a timely fashion
• Capture, analyze, and share relevant user insights to the product and engineering teams
• Collaborate with the Developer Evangelists for events, content, tutorials, etc. and to find and establish relationships with key influencers in the blockchain space in Africa as well as in the NULS community.
• Collaborate with marketing and sales to launch new services, features, and enhancements effectively through and for the Africa community
• Create an online community call program and host regular technical and newbies community calls
• Represent NULS in the forums and chats of other external blockchain communities
• Build and maintain the technical aspects of the community platform (Discord, uptrennd, etc.)
• Constantly be looking to grow and discover new ways to better serve the NULS technical, newbies, and the general community.
In the month of June, all my activities have been online. The coronavirus continues to put threats on the Africa soil making it difficult to conduct or make any offline activities, due to that growing the online Africa community of NULS continuing to be the avenue I have channeled my activities to.

  1. I launch a program called crush of the month. This was done in order to use that to reveal the team behind the NULS project to our community members by highlighting their achievements and activities for that particular month for our NULS Africa community to realize there is continued growth and also get acquainted with great mind behind the NULS project. In the month June of @steventuong was selected for his wonderful work. More details can be found here.
  2. Uptrennd is social media with over 2million users. In order to up my online activities game and to represent NULS in other communities, forums, and social media to continue to advocate for NULS in everywhere I found myself I created NULS Africa Channel to share NULS information and news with their cryptocurrency community of over 26000 subscribers and airdrop community of over 11000 subscribers, both Nerve and NULS news was shared there some details about the information shared there and impression it created can be found in the various below links
    I, therefore, encourage the NULS team to channel some of their marketing activities there since it’s a great platform to promote a project especially when it’s a blockchain project.

  3. I grew the various Social media account of NULS Africa. Twitter over 2000 followers now, telegram community has witnessed some significant growth that is from less than 50 in the month may to over 200 now I’m also supporting @tinetien89 in building the NULS Africa Facebook and currently also building NULS Africa Uptrennd community

  4. Our monthly AMA has been scheduled for August due to numerous activities at the moment. With some insight and direction from @Berzeck we have been able to secure two AMA slots which are coming on in August, which is with the Binance Nigeria community and the Internet of Things Network Hub of Africa.
  5. It is amazing how my passion for NULS is great. At the moment I’m spending 8-9 hours a day thinking, learning and doing things that are about NULS

Kind regards,
George Pro