My Work From 25th April To 14th May

Hi Everyone, My name is Nafis Khan and I am from Bangladesh . My passion about NULS…
I started reading about NULS and I got more and more involved. Special thanks to Aurora for helping out when I need it… She said that the Chinese Community love me which was really inspiring for me to go ahead. I got so much help from her. She is very helpful. This mean a lot for me to work hard.

I translated some questions and answers from Aurora in Bengali language. So Bangladeshi Community can understand better what is NULS. And It is very helpful for the community!

I translated the article about Nuls in Bengali
And also shared it on my Instagram to spread this more

I established NULS Bangladeh Community group in Telegram currently with 1000 people in it: @NULSBangladesh

the group is established after 25th of April!

I am planning to do way more than I’ve done till now. I have so many ideas and passion to work for the adoption of NULS. And I’ll do my best to reach on my goals and to make NULS go to Top 10 of the Cryptocurrency Market…We are NULS,We are best…

Thank You So much Everyone For Help And Support!! Special Thanks To Aurora! She Helped Me Very Much in My work! Again Thank You :heart::heart:

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