My work from 1st of May till 31st of May

Hello everyone. A lot of people here in the Forum already know me. Danail from Bulgaria. As I wished May to be very productive for me I have some personal issues and I didn’t have much time to be such a productive as a my previous time but still I did a lot of things. No matter what my passion for NULS will always stay and I’ll try my best to do my best to promote NULS not only in Bulgaria but all over the World.

Ok…Let’s take a look at my Work for May :slight_smile:

First and the most important thing Aurora invited me for an AMA in Chinese Community. AMA was great, awesome experience for me. I met a lot of new people I can called friends in Chinese Community. And of course I published the AMA Recap in my Medium Account:

I did another great Article for NULS in Medium:

All my Articles for NULS I shared in the new platform for me Publish0x(Thank you Vito for helping here)

I shared a lot of content about NULS in LBRY Platform(Platform like Youtube):

I did a Video about NULS in Youtube:

Of course I continued to do all this pictures with NULS Logo. Look the pictures I made in May:


Pretty much I share let’s say 90% of NULS News in the following channels all the time:

Facebook (Official NULS Bulgaria Facebook Group - Currently 241 people in it)

Telegram: Contact @NULSBulgaria (Official NULS Bulgaria Telegram group - Currently 90 people in it)

In my Personal Crypto Group where I am Founder: Telegram: Contact @crypto_revolution1 (Currently over 5000 people in the group)

In Satoshi Club Telegram group where I am friend with the Founders and I am Moderator: Telegram: Contact @Satoshi_club (Currently close to 7000 people in it). BTW Berzeck will do NULS AMA in that group on 17th of June 9AM UTC Time. I invited him :slight_smile:

I am one of the Admins in NerveNetwork Official Telegram group where I help to keep the group nice and clean from Scammers: Telegram: Contact @NerveNetwork

My personal Twitter Account: (Currently I have near 1000 followers)

The official Twitter Account of NULS Bulgaria: (Currently 57 Followers)

So imagine how many people are getting to know about NULS. Well, a lot of people!

So this is what I did in May. I promised to translate NerveNetwork WhitePaper in Bulgarian during May which I didn’t do it but will be done 100% in June. And for sure I’ll be running for an Ambassador for Q3 2020. Hopefully you guys will vote for me. Thank You :slight_smile: