My work for 15-30th of April 2020 and before that

Hi guys. As most of you already know my name is Danail and I am from Bulgraria. My passion about NULS I got from an AMA in Gains Team Telegram group. I was so impressed from Berzeck that he answered 100% of the questions from Community and he was so energetic during the AMA.
So from there I start reading about NULS and I got more and more involved. Special thanks to Amy, Aurora, Berzeck and Joao for helping out when I need it. Amy was the first one who contacted me for Contributor nominations. She said that the Chinese Community love me which was really exciting for me. After that the second one was Aurora. I got so much help from her. She is always nice and ready to help. And of course Berzeck and Joao. They both are awesome and good examples to follow. Thank you everyone who voted for me to become one of the Top Contributors for Q1 2020. This mean so much for me.

So lets begin with what I did. I’ll start with the Articles I wrote about NULS in Medium. Some of them are written before 15th of April 2020 but I have to share them:

Written from me on 28th of March.

Written from me on 1st of April

Written from me on 2nd of April. Here I have a story to share. This AMA was 3 AM in my timezone but I wanted to know so much more about Nerve Network and to participate in this AMA so I turn my Alarm on and I woke up 3 in the morning to participate in this AMA. It was an awesome AMA.And actually I was one of the winners in it. So proud I am one of the very first holders of Nerve :slight_smile:
First thing when I woke up in the morning was to write Recap and again read everything/

Article for Bulgarian Community in Bulgarian written on 22nd of April

I translated some questions and answers from Berzeck in Bulgarian language. So Bulgarian Community can understand better what is NULS. Written on 24rd of April

Article explaining in simple words what is blockchain,bitcoin and Nuls. Again in Bulgarian for Bulgarian Community. Written on 27th of April

I translated the article about blockchain,bitcoin and Nuls in English so way more people can read it. Written on 29th of April

I created a lot of pictures with NULS logo and I used them to promote NULS in social medias:


Actually its a lot of work to play with this pictures. But in my opinion with this pictures you can get more close to people from young generation. And actually I gain a lot of interest about Nuls with them. Here i publish most of them.

I made a special edition T-shirts with NULS and Nerve logos to promote the projects among my friends

I think this is a good way to get more people from your friends and relatives get involved in Nuls and Nerve

I established NULS Bulgarian Community group in Telegram currently with 79 people in it:

I established NULS Bulgarian Community group in Facebook currently with 228 people in it:

I established NULS Bulgarian Community Page in Twitter currently with 44 people in it:

I established NULS Superheroes Legion group in Telegram currently with 22 people in it. This group is for true NULS Fans:

All the groups are established after 15th of April!

I share all the NULS news in personal Twitter profile(where I have more than 850 followers) and in all the groups established from me. Except the Superheroes one. For that group I have a little bit different idea :slight_smile:

Since we are already in May I am planning to do way more than I’ve done till now. I have so many ideas and passion to work for the adoption of NULS. And I’ll do my best to archieve my goals and to make NULS go to Top 10 of the Cryptocurrency Market where actually we belong. We are NULS and we will succeed.

Thank you everyone. Stay safe and positive :slight_smile:


You are really doing a GREAT JOB!! It’s our lucky to have you in NULS!! I am looking forward to seeing you apply for Bulgaria ambassador :hugs:

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A fruitful month :clap: :partying_face:

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Thank you so much Aurora. Your words mean so much for me. I’m ready for May and for more hard work from my side. Together we will make NULS the number 1 Crypto project.

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从那时起,我开始了解和NULS有关的一切。它像是有魔力一般,我了解的越多,被吸引的越深,并越来越多地参与其中。在这里,我想特别感谢Amy, Aurora, Berzeck和Joao,在我需要的时候帮助我。Amy是第一个联系我沟通贡献者竞选的人。她说NULS中文社区的成员喜欢我,这让我感到很兴奋。之后是Aurora,我从她那里得到了很多帮助。她总是很好,时常指导我和帮助我,和我分享中文社区的消息。当然还有Berzeck和Joao。他们都是我很好的榜样。我还想感谢在2020年第一季度最佳贡献者竞选中,投票支持我的人。这份来自社区的认可,对我意义重大。


我将从我写的NULS medium文章开始。其中一些是在2020年4月15日之前写的,但是我也想和大家分享。







写于4.29 ——什么是区块链,什么是比特币,什么是加密资产,什么是NULS。我用英语翻译了上一篇文章,这样可以让更多的人浏览。

我也设计了很多带有NULS logo的照片,用于在各个社交媒体上宣传NULS.


我制做了一件带有NULS和Nerve logo的定制版T恤,在朋友中推广这个项目。






4.NULS超级英雄群,群里都是NULS铁粉,现在有22个人: @nuls_superheroes








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Thank you :slight_smile:

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You’re so great! :rose:
You’ve done so much! :muscle:
I’m proud of you! :heart:

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Thank you Sue. Appreciate your kind words :pray:

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