Monthly work report, George Pro

  1. The program I launched which is called crush of the month.continue to yield positive results. This is done in order to reveal the team behind the NULS project to our community members. through highlighting their achievements and activities for that particular month for our NULS Africa community to realize there is a continued growth. In the previous month, @suesue was selected for his great work. The month also witnessed some positive outcomes as the post was able to create over 2000 impressions. More details can be found here. creation/ moderation for the various social media accounts. I grew various Social media accounts. Twitter over 2000 now, telegram saw some growth this month added over 40 members this month. Facebook is growing steadily and currently Uptrennd. I am active on LinkedIn and also looking forward to pushing NULS information on Instagram as well. Check this content created by me on @nulsAfrica twitter page give as a retweet and like in case you haven’t.

3.With some help from @Berzeck, I have been able to secure an AMA with binance Nigeria which is coming off on the 14th of October. Binance Nigeria has over 13,000 members. Our monthly AMA as said in our last month report happened on the 26th August of August with Berzeck doing marvelous again. In case you missed it here is the recap

  1. I am very enthused to announce that, to up my abilities, capabilities, and skills to really promote NULS. I took some courses on LinkedIn learning to become a professional digital marketing specialist, so in case there is an opportunity to join the marketing team I’m ready to help to do my best to see the project grow. Currently, I’m open to an internship. Check my LinkedIn profile. Top Skills are Google Analytics · Web Analytics · Google Ads · SEO Online Advertising · Pay Per Click (PPC) · Community Management • Marketing Strategy · Social Media Marketing · Email Marketing · Mobile Marketing · Digital Marketing. @chirley @jugg
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