Minor Suggestion for NABOX improvement

Hello Nabox Developers,

I have a suggestion for NABOX improvement. It is a minor suggestion but i believe everything can be improved further.

Today (27/07/2020) in the NULS English telegram group, I came across one person who was confused about the numbering/sequence of the mnemonic codes while creating a new account in Nabox and he was not able to properly restore his wallet due to misunderstanding the backup mnemonic sequence. Though for many, it is not an issue but i can see that some people who are totally new to the world of crypto may face this issue in the future.

I suggest the addition of numbering system for mnemonics, so that the new users of Nabox wallet do not get confused. Here is an example:

I think addition of numbering to the backup mnemonic code may help a lot of new users and avoid confusion.


Good point :+1:I will report to devs

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