January Report, George Pro

The program I launched is called crush of the month. Continue to yield positive results. This is done to reveal the team behind the NULS project to our community members. through highlighting their achievements and activities for that particular month for our NULS Africa community to realize there is continued growth. In the previous month, @Lily was selected for her great work. The month also witnessed some positive outcomes as the Post was able to create some impressions.

Personally, December was a busy month for my personal life. I could not do much, however, I kept an eye on our various social media channels to weed out unwanted posts, scammers and check spam.
Management/content creation/ moderation for the various social media accounts. Various Social media accounts are still doing well. Twitter over 2000 now, telegram saw some drop in numbers this month from 450 to 386 members this month. I’m still looking at the cause and shall communicate the cause and possible solutions to the community soon. Facebook is growing steadily and currently Uptrend. I am active on LinkedIn and also looking forward to pushing NULS information on Instagram as well. Check this contents which was retweeted by me on the @nulsAfrica Twitter handle retweet and like in case you haven’t.
As individual governments in various countries have begun to bring out policies to make living in the post-COVID-19 era suitable for everyone, I will seek to balance activities between online and offline. Thus, speaking and attending events, organizing meetups, hackathons among others together with the ongoing online activities.

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Hi George! Could you please share more about “crush of the month”

Thanks for this question. Every month I go through the council’s report for the previous month then read the various council members’ reports for the month and select one council member base on their activities for that previous month(that is January crush of the month will be selected from December work report). I believe that all council members are doing their best and coherently working to achieve a common goal.

  1. one particular council member Can’t be selected two months in a roll
  2. I believe they all work hard, new council member is selected every month with his/her activities for the month highlighted on Twitter.
  3. You can’t appear twice in a year unless every member has been selected for a particular month. It’s not an award or competition I’m just revealing the team behind the project to the Africa community in a creative way.
  4. It’s not always about councilors members. Other community contributers can also be selected. Thank you :slight_smile:
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:+1: :+1:sounds great

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