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Obee Network

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                                               ObeeNetwork The first social product dedicated to ordinary users entering the blockchain!

Situation Analysis

       The development, maturity, and rapid spread of global Internet technology. The output of social-related information has become extremely huge, and every day of social production will produce a lot of text, pictures, audio, video, small games, etc. The rapid development of technology has also achieved Facebook, Youtobe, Twitter and other social giants with billions of users. However, it is difficult to ensure data security and user privacy during the operation of Internet companies. Therefore, with the increase of users' social information in the future, strengthening user privacy and security protection will undoubtedly become the top priority.


       Obee Network is a decentralized social platform based on blockchain. The goal is to decentralize storage of data, such as news, commodities, and music released by ObeeNetwork users through blockchain technology, to build a complete global social system. The content published by users in the entire platform no longer needs to be distributed through a centralized platform. Users can store and distribute content freely and realize the operation of real unintentional processing in the social system.

                                                                                ObeeNetwork is a multifunctional social product!

product description

       Obee Network has colorful and rich applications, giving users a different experience.

User system  // Safe and unique

       Obee Network provides a complete account system, users can join the ObeeNetwork platform by registering via email. Obee Network provides each user with a unique digital ID that proves their identity, and these data will be recorded on Obee Network's blockchain network. When users enter ObeeNetwork with a unique identity, they can enjoy various rich social functions. When a user publishes a post, writes a blog, makes a purchase, watches a movie, all event information will eventually be mapped to the user's unique digital identity. The modified results of personal information, user nickname, mailbox, country, birthday, etc. will also be associated with the user's unique digital identity.

Dynamic publishing  // rich and diverse

       Obee Netowork supports publishing different types of media content: text, pictures, videos, music, voting, shopping, and even voice. Will support more media content, including check-in, Q & A, etc. Dynamic can set all the dynamics in the station or the dynamics of interest.

Interactive function  //  Better experience

        The design of the interactive module enhances user communication. The modules include: follow, like, comment, share, and save articles.

        Follow: Users can follow other users on the homepage, and they can filter their favorite articles by following them.
         Like: When users watch the content of the article in the station, they can like it according to their favorite content. You can also like it in the reposted content, and the data will be accumulated in the original article.
         Comment: When browsing articles in the site, users can interact with content creators based on the content through comments.
         Sharing: Support users to share content of interest to their fans. Obee Network supports the sharing of high-quality or interesting content to third-party platforms. ObeeNetwork supports sharing content to mainstream social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Telegram and so on.
         Save articles: all articles browsed by users will be able to save and save articles in the menu bar。

Commodity market  //  Enjoy shopping

       In the marketplace, users can publish their own idle commodities, filter all the commodities that may be of interest to users, and publish, purchase, and transaction information corresponding to the transaction records between users will be mapped to the user's unique digital ID, and related records All will be saved to Obee Network decentralized network.

        You can choose the product category, new and old, and supported payment methods for product release. Users searching for goods can search for the goods they are interested in by filtering conditions such as distance and classification. At the same time, Obee Network aims to achieve the first product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain social network. It not only supports the payment of related fiat currencies, but also enables the payment of cryptocurrencies on the same platform.

Game Movie //  leisure and entertainment

       Obee Network also opens the application of games and movie functions. Any user can participate in games and watch movies at will. Obee Network will gradually improve the blockchain technology and at the same time it will launch a game development interface for third parties. Any developer can provide various games for the community based on the development API provided by Obee Network.

                                                 ObeeNetwork respects creators and encourages users to be active social platforms!

Obee Network uses an incentive mechanism

       One of Obee Network ’s values: All contributors should receive quantifiable rewards and token rewards for content creators, users who participate in promotion and maintain order. The reward will be related to the user's interaction rules and other factors through the completion of the periodic settlement of the reward value through the contribution value and different calculation points models.

Creative reward

        The rewards for original articles published by content producers are mainly owned by them, and the number of rewards will be related to the number of comments and likes.

Community operation

       Community operation refers to content review, community operation, and participation in development.

       The reward pool system will calculate the incentive distribution every 24 hours, and calculate the distribution according to the degree of participation, and distribute the reward tokens to the participants' personal wallets.

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