HPP(Hot Pot Points) protocol


What is Hot Pot Points

Hot Pot Points is a community-based DeFi project initiated anonymously, so don’t ask who I am, I am Feng Lei, you can also call me Satoshi Lei!

Hot Pot Points is committed to helping the global development of the hot pot industry. Any hot pot shop can join Hot Pot Points, accept Hot Pot Points to promote consumption, and provide Hot Pot Points holders with a 90% or lower discount. Any Hot Pot Points holder can use Hot Pot Points to spend in stores that have joined Hot Pot Points.

Hot Pot Points is a fair distribution mechanism that is governed by the participation of the community. The community is a think tank. Hot Pot Points represents the rise and fall of the hot pot industry, and its value comes more from the contribution and innovation of the community.

The vision of Hot Pot Points

  • Pass the hot pot culture and spirit to every corner of the world!
  • Decentralized finance boosts the development of the hot pot industry!
  • Let encrypted assets enter millions of households!

HPP protocol

Token economic model

No funds have been raised, 100% held by the community!

Maximum supply: 500,000,000 HPP

Divided into the following two reward pools to gradually produce:

Liquidity reward pool: Pool A 90%

Merchant reward pool: Pool B 10%

The mining output is as follows:

Liquidity Reward Pool

Assigned to the project early support and liquidity provider.

Liquidity mining

Participating in liquidity will receive HPP rewards. The initial output of each block is 100 HPP, and the output will be reduced by 5% every 172800 block (approximately 1 month). When the output is reduced to 1 HPP per block, there will be no reduction in production. Starting reward height: 11050000 (about 2020–10–13)

Liquidity Recommender

10% of all liquid mining output will be allocated to the liquidity recommender. If the referrer is not filled in, this part of the reward will be destroyed. If your mobile recommender also has recommenders, then your recommender gets 7% reward, and the recommender of liquid recommender gets 3% reward.

Code contributor rewards

As an early code contributor of this project, he will receive an additional 10% of the output in the first three months (before the height of 11568400 ) from the liquidity reward pool, totaling about 5,000,000 HPP.

Merchant Reward Pool

The initial output of each block is 10 HPP, and the output will be reduced by 3% per 172800 block (about 1 month). When the output is reduced to 2 HPP per block, there will be no reduction in production. Starting reward height: 11130640 (about 2020–10–26)

Merchant promoter

  1. Anyone can pledge 10,000 HPP to the contract to become a promoter;

  2. The promoter can log into the hot pot restaurant and enter the pool B;

  3. Promoters can get 10% mining rewards for all hot pot restaurants that they enter for life;

  4. In order to prevent the hot pot restaurant from breaking the contract, the promoter can ask the hot pot restaurant to sign a discount agreement;

  5. The hot pot restaurant entered by the promoter must be a real one and accept the discount agreement. If the recommended hot pot restaurant is a fake merchant or does not accept the discount agreement. They will be marked as fake merchants by the community and kicked out of the mining pool. Promoters will be severely punished. The contract will automatically destroy the promoter’s deposit, disqualify the promoter, and no longer receive the mining rewards of the recommended merchant.


  1. Merchants who are added into mining pool B will automatically get 1 HPP-MERCHAT-PROOF (merchant mining certificate);

  2. Merchants will receive rewards from pool B according to the proportion of HPP-MERCHAT-PROOF held;

  3. The hot pot restaurant settles voluntarily. The entered hot pot restaurant is deemed to accept the discount agreement and must accept any person holding HPP to deduct the consumption. If the hot pot restaurant does not accept the consumption discount, it will be kicked out of the mining pool and destroyed by the community The HPP-MERCHAT-PROOF held will no longer receive mining rewards.

Merchants consume computing power

  1. Merchants can accept user settlements through the consumption interface of Pool B, increase the mining power (the number of HPP-MERCHAT-PROOF), and thus obtain higher reward weight;

  2. Merchants will get 0.01 HPP-MERCHAT-PROOF each time through HPP settlement (the merchant’s mining power will increase by 1%);

  3. Settlement through this interface, the merchant supports the destruction of 5% of the settlement amount by default, and each settlement can get 0.05 HPP-MERCHAT-PROOF (the merchant’s mining power is increased by 5%), and the merchant can also change to not destroy this part of HPP.

Merchant service party

  1. Any company or individual can provide client products and offline operations for this project;

  2. Merchant service providers can provide products to serve liquid mining users, and become liquidity recommenders by default to obtain rewards;

  3. The merchant service party can provide products for the merchant service and become a merchant promoter by default, so as to obtain the merchant’s mining reward share;

  4. The merchant service party can provide consumer product settlement products to serve users and merchants, so as to obtain 2% of the settlement amount as a service fee.

Consumer interface

In order to enhance the user’s consumer settlement experience, Pool B provides two interfaces for users to actively pay and merchants to pay by scanning codes. Users who actively pay for the bills are paid by the users for transaction miners, and for merchants to pay for the bills by scanning codes, the merchants are responsible for transaction miners.

Contract’s address

The initial set of available liquidity reward pool:

Support wallet

Metamask Ledger Imtoken MathWallet Trustwallet BitKeep Hyperpay HuobiWallet Tokenpocket

It is recommended that more wallet service providers and platforms can support access to HPP assets, jointly promote this great social experiment, and work together to promote the commercial development of the blockchain!

About audit

As an anonymous community project initiated by a senior geek, the project code is 100% open source, and more geeks and related organizations are welcome to provide code reviews.


There is no launching team, this is a community-based project, completely driven by the community.

Final words

The launch of Hot Pot Points hopes to bring some inspiration to more physical industries. Perhaps this is the greatest significance of my existence.

Website: https://haidilao.fi

Github: https://github.com/haidilao-fi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/haidilao_fi

Discord: https://discord.gg/npBSNbd

Medium: https://medium.com/@haidilao_fi


Discount agreement

As the person in charge of the XXXX merchant, I voluntarily join the HPP ecology, confirming that I have understood the details of the HPP agreement, and are willing to abide by the discount agreement in the HPP agreement, and provide HPP holders with at least 10% discount for consumption settlement.

Merchant in charge: