GoblinSwap-Arathi mine is coming soon! Find your NFT Goblin!


GoblinSwap will open the Arahi Mine at 12:00 (UTC+8) on September 29, 2020. GoblinSwap is a decentralized exchange platform, which includes amm, trading as mining and nonfungible tokens (NFT). Goblin will be mined by pledging NULS to smart contracts, and a Goblin legion character(NFT) will be given as a reward for miners. Goblin legion character owners will get the exclusive mining speed and Ore rewards that will upgrade your character (Exclusive character has sustainable growth and functionality).

*Background story

Originally the slaves of jungle trolls on the Isle of Kezan, goblins were forced to mine ore out of the volcanic bowels of Mount Kajaro.

With the time flows, Goblin found their own ore in the mine and named it Goblin, and they used Goblin to forged the mystery weapon. A storm is coming…


GoblinSwap is a decentralized exchange platform, which includes amm, trading as mining and nonfungible tokens (NFT). GoblinSwap Support users to trade a variety of products provided by different blockchain ecosystems. GoblinSwap will use Goblin to initialize the Ecosystem of GoblinSwap and return to the community, and set up a mining ecosystem based on Goblin. Pledge a certain amount of NULS on swap that will receive the exclusive Goblin Legion character (NFT). The owner will receive unique mining speed and rewards, as well as ultimate control.

GoblinSwap is completely initiated, led and developed by the community. Goblin will develop functions through smart contracts, and all contract codes are completely open source. The function of the contract is developed after discussion by the community, and the community uses Goblin to vote on the function.

*Mining Details

Following the implementation of the smart contract, the mining reward will not be decreased. The staked NULS cannot be unstaked until the end of the Genesis Mining period. Goblin reward will be distributed after the completion of Genesis Mining in 24 hours

The smart contract of NULS has already been audited by professional security audit authorities. The source code of the smart contract will be publicly disclosed when the project launches, assuring that there will be no security risk involved in staking different assets to the smart contract.

The mining reward will be distributed fairly according to the number of staked NULS over time. All mining rewards are calculated based on the smart contract implementation.

*Mining Security

Goblin is the digital asset, based on the NRC20, the technical standard used for tokens within smart contracts on the NULS blockchain.

*GoblinSwap roadmap

Ssptember 29, 2020: Arathi Mine is open.

October 10, 2020: GoblinSwap will come online.

October 10, 2020 – Goblin goes online Uniswap.

October 20, 2020 - NFT mine will come online.


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