Goblin corss-chain tutorial

At the start, you need to create a wallet account on Nerve, transfer NULS wallet’s Goblin funds to Nerve wallet. Then transfer Goblin from Nerve wallet to the ETH network, and you can swap or provide liquidity on Uniswap. NVT-ETH、NULS-ETH、Goblin-ETH、Goblin-USDT 、Goblin-NULS will be avabile for Goblin users on Uniswap.

Step 1: Create Nerve wallet and transfer Goblin funds to Nerve wallet

1.Open Nerve wallet webpage https://wallet.nerve.network ; Click on create address, set password and backup private key.

2. Copy your account address, transfer Goblin from NULS wallet to Nerve wallet.

Step 2: Use Nerve wallet to transfer Goblin funds across chain to ETH network
(Suppoort wallet:BitKeep、Imtoken、Mathwallet、TokenPocket)

1.Open https://wallet.nerve.network

2.On the account page, select the Goblin asset and click “Cross out”.;

3.Enter ETH address and amount;

4.Click Next step.

Attention:The NERVE wallet address start with NERVE instead of NULS, please double check it.

Step 3: Provide liquidity on uniswap

1.On Goblin-NULS Pair page,select either “Add liquidity” or “Trade”;


2.Click on “Add Liquidity“, get into the pool and connect wallet;

3. Add Goblin and NULS amount, click confirm, then liquidity can be added;

  1. Also you can select token directly in the pool. The address show in the following:

Goblin contract address: 0x173fa4d96257925690ef5eda31790c969d4581ef

NULS contract address: 0xa2791bdf2d5055cda4d46ec17f9f429568275047

NVT contract address: 0x7b6f71c8b123b38aa8099e0098bec7fbc35b8a13

Official webpage: https://www.goblinswap.org/

White paper:https://goblinswap.gitbook.io/goblin-docs/

Support wallet:https://wallet.nuls.io/newAddress



WeChat ID: GoblinSwap_org