George Pro’s July Report

  1. The program I launched which is called “crush of the month” continue to yield positive results. This is done in order to reveal the team behind the NULS project to our community members. through highlighting their achievements and activities for that particular month for our NULS Africa community to realize there is continued growth. In the month of July, @Reaper was selected for his great work. This month witness some positive outcome as the post was able to create over 2000 impressions on twitter alone More details can be found here.

  2. Uptrend is social media with over 2million users. In order to up my online activities game and continue to advocate for NULS in everywhere, I found myself, I continue to use NULS Africa Channel to share NULS information with their cryptocurrency community of over 26000 subscribers and airdrop community of over 11000 subscribers both Nerve and NULS news was shared there. I, therefore, encourage the NULS team to channel some of their marketing activities there since it’s a great platform to promote a project especially when it’s a blockchain project.

  3. I grew the various Social media account. Twitter over 2000 now, telegram didn’t see any major growth this month we still in 200 members now, Facebook saw some minor growth and currently Uptrennd. We are happy to announce to the community that our Publish0x account is done and NULS Africa community is also being built there.

  4. Our monthly AMA as said in our last month report was scheduled for August due to numerous activities at that time. With some insight and direction from @Berzeck, we secured two AMAs which is coming on in August that is Binance Nigeria and Internet of Things Hub of Africa. On 26th August we shall have an AMA

  5. I also take this opportunity to congratulate @tinetien89 for his new role as Africa ambassador and thank the community for another opportunity to show our prowess. we are NULS and we work hard!!

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Well done, we need to blossom all over the world!

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