[Fanbi AMA] "Reform and Prospect of Social Platform under the Obee Network Blockchain"


Moderator: 马克

Invited guests:singHwang

Activity time:June 18, 2020

The following is the specific content of the activity:

Q1:Q1: In the Internet era, the demand and importance of social media for everyone is self-evident. Obee Network is said to be "the first social product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain era." What about Obee Network?


Ok, this positioning is also an original intention of our development direction. We hope to be "the first product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain era." Not only people in the blockchain industry but also many people who can use our products Ordinary users can recognize and understand the convenience and benefits brought by such a product. Here I will briefly introduce Obee Network.

Obee Network is an incentive platform based on blockchain social, building a complete de-neutralized social network. The project is referred to as Obee, and our team is determined to build the first social product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain social. Let users see the creations, forums, hot posts, applications and movies of global users on Obee Network. There is no boundary in social, and you can share wonderful moments with other users anytime, anywhere.

Obee Network social platform official website: https://www.obee.vip

Q2: What is the biggest value role of blockchain in the Obee Network project? What common problems can it help users solve?


Okay, this question is a more fundamental one. Before answering this question, let’s talk about what blockchain technology can do in social networking.

I personally think that with the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data technology, the traditional Internet will also have a disturbing influence in all directions. More industries also need to inject new elements in order to better grasp the outlet when the technology is updated. With the strengthening of people’s data security awareness and the transfer of data sovereignty from merchants to users in the future, the injection of blockchain technology into social networks will undoubtedly better meet the needs of development.

The main advantages of the application of blockchain to social trust issues, self-power of information, elimination of profit stratification, and data security assurance have also been improved. Obee Network, as a social product, provides richer functional elements than traditional social products. On Obee Network, users can do more than just socialize. They can even make some purchases on the Obee Network and find job search jobs. From the perspective of Obee Network’s functional modules and the overall design, Obee Network is still closer to the use level. The purpose is also to allow ordinary users to use such a product that is determined to develop blockchain + social.

Q3: We also noticed that Obee Network is very concerned about the integration of "social, work, and career", and would like to ask how the blockchain + social platform can do this and do it well?


Okay, our strategic partner Comunion also introduced this question in the last issue. I have always felt that this question is very good. In the development of Internet technology, we have just obtained information from the traditional engine search, and transformed into dialogue, communication, and interaction between people. Socialization has become the core link in information dissemination. The information resources we obtain come from social networking, but it is not limited to social networking. From social networking, we can get interested recruitment, information to find, and search for the latest popular movies.

Now some of the social software, WeChat, Douyin, Weibo, etc., have also been used by everyone, knowing that if you are not careful, you will become a celebrity. Now in the social industry, a small video, a wonderful word, an illustration and other materials can also become ideas and ways for entrepreneurs. In social chat, in fact, we hate a lot of publicity methods, such as advertising-style publicity, this is generally quite annoying! (After adding a certain friend, he began to send out a product of his own to promote it). If you get angry, you will directly delete other people’s friends and you will be caught off guard. In the Obee Network, we have added modules such as commodity fairs, jobs, movies, and news blogs to divide the different areas of product promotion, writing, and posting recruitment information, making the entire social platform more friendly and functional modules more obvious. Layered.

Obee Network embeds many functional modules on social topics. In the commodity market, everyone can go to list their own idle products or filter the products they are interested in. In the news blog, Dake can also see exotic styles, a variety of wonderful recommended articles, and various articles you may be interested in. The content can be popular movies, education sharing, economics and trade, documentaries, etc. Now the news There are still a lot of articles in the blog. It allows every user to create, share, comment and collect. In job search, you can find the right job based on your geographic location or desired position. These modules are all added on the social theme template, which is the integrated design concept.

Q4: The social media field has always been fiercely competitive, and there is no exception in the blockchain field. What are the specifics of Obee Network’s products and ecology at this stage? How does Obee Network maintain its competitiveness in the long run?


Yes, the competition in the social field has always been fierce. The social media field has also been a pattern of monopoly by giants. If you want to find a place near the giants, it is more difficult, unless there is some suitable development in the vertical field. But in an industry monopolized by giants, giants cannot apply a new technology to all people.

Obee Network’s product ecology is still very complete, and there are many similar projects in the blockchain + social industry. If the product is particularly complete, including the client, all mobile products are still very few, but these Obee Network still did it, and the client website we have announced is still quite good.

Friends who have used it can raise their hands. The function modules inside are still very rich. Many friends should have experienced it.

In order to maintain sufficient competitiveness, in the Obee Network social platform, we set the OBEE main network coin as the main incentive coin, and the user’s behavior on the platform lives a certain amount of OBEE. These OBEE can be circulated through transactions, so that all users who can participate in the platform can also get some profits. At the same time, we also strongly welcome some community volunteers to participate in the construction of the project to bring vitality to the project. At the same time, our products can also invite friends who join us to register, and the main network pledges OBEE to promote the value circulation of OBEE, thereby encouraging the construction and development of the entire Obee Network ecology.

Q5: The definition of Obee Network is a social incentive platform based on blockchain. How do you describe "incentive" in it? What incentives can platform users enjoy?


Incentives can be regarded as a model designed to cater to the initial strategic layout and the stable and high-speed development of the Obee Network platform. He will make users more willing and happy to participate in product construction. For example, a user named “Some so cute” logged into https://www.obee.vip/ official website today and published a Fabi && Obee Network live article, then he will get 15 points. Other users will receive 5 points for participating in the reviews, and 2 points for likes. These points will also be converted into OBEE points 1:1 when the main line is online, and the background will also design related algorithms. When the platform reaches a certain level of activity, publish articles, blogs and other points will get lower and lower, such a design It will also enhance the value and circulation of OBEE and promote users to use our social products.

For now, the modules for setting incentive function points include publishing articles, creating news blogs, likes, and reflecting. Among them, ordinary users will get online every day. The current conversion is 200 OBEE, and the paid member is 500 OBEE. At the same time, the opening of members such as star, advanced, ultimate, and VIP will pin the post to get more postings. We will also send star members to users who have recently registered to facilitate users to know our products.

This is the answer to our setting on product incentives and why.

Q6: Ask a question that everyone is most concerned about. As a native token in the Obee Network public chain, what are the application scenarios and values ​​of OBEE? What is OBEE's economic model and distribution ratio?


Obee Network is built according to the NULS underlying chain modularity. NULS as a development community platform is still very powerful in many aspects. There are definitely a lot of OBEE application scenarios. There are many functional module articles on our social products. News blogs, columns, event creation, advertisements, and stores will accept OBEE consumption when the main coin wallet is accessed.

The total amount of OBEE issuance is 12 billion, private equity accounts for 30% and is allocated to investors and consultants; 10% will be reserved for the foundation; 20% R&D team and early contributors; 40% will be used as ecological operation tokens to reward users.

Funds raised: 70% will be used for Obee Network’s R&D expenses, 20% will be used for publicity and promotion, and 10% will be sealed as reserve funds.

Foundation reserves: In order to promote the prosperity and development of the ecology, Obee Network needs to continuously absorb excellent and fresh blood to join; at the same time, many important journey nodes that Obee Network wants to achieve need more partners. This part is used to inspire important contribution teams Members, as well as important business partners.

R&D team and early contributors: Obee Network R&D team provides technical support and has made great efforts to provide indispensable help for the construction and development of the project. Obee Network will use a reasonable share of OBEE as a return to contributors.

Ecological operation: Ecological operation tokens with 40% of OBEE tokens do not participate in the circulation, but give participants in the Obee Network in the form of rewards to reward comments and original content.

Q7: The increasingly mature block chain technology has been very hot in the last one or two years. Being in such a hot field, I don’t know how you and Obee Network think and view the development prospects of the crypto market?


Indeed, blockchain has been a hot word in recent years, and it has even been hotter than Al for some time. With the rise of the value wavelength of btc in this industry, there is also an influx of knowledge from various industries. Some of them are doing business, and some are cutting leeks with a piece of white paper. The industry is not organized, but one Not well-organized industries often still have many enterprise projects thriving, as long as they can courageously face all kinds of difficulties, this industry is definitely a very good industry. As asked in the second question above, in my personal analysis of the blockchain industry, the crypto market will definitely survive the fittest, good projects will slowly emerge, and inferior projects will also be gradually eliminated by the market.

There are many community fans who are very enthusiastic about Obee Network products. I would like to ask what is the next strategic deployment of Obee Network? What can I tell you in advance?


We have divided into two stages in the strategic planning of the project. The first stage has been basically achieved. The design of the website we have completed again a few days ago has brought more optimization to the experience for everyone. Everyone should be able to see the app for the past few days, and everyone is welcome to use it. We will give some very good benefits.

Our second phase is mainly some publicity in the market. From 5.22 this year, our team conducted an AMA on NULS, and the effect of multiple AMAs has also become more and more significant.

Q9: I heard that I will have the opportunity to use Obee Network immediately. Everyone is a little excited. In the end, as a frontier explorer and innovator of the blockchain industry, do you want to give a message to our fans?


The blockchain industry is now a very interesting industry. This industry has a variety of markets, various identities, and friends in various industries, which are not available in other industries. This industry has given us many opportunities and many tests. This industry has chaotic aspects and many good aspects. If we can work hard in this industry, we will also get good results. Fortunately, I wish friends in this industry, we will also unswervingly go in the direction of "the first product dedicated to ordinary users to enter the blockchain social".

The following is a wonderful question and answer for this event:

mark: How can I get OBEE?


At present, the method of obtaining Obee Network can pay more attention to our activities. Each time we will release certain places, the points accumulated on our social networking site can also be redeemed at that time. And this event of Fanbi will also surprise you.

忘~无伤:Which social platform that benchmarks the traditional Internet, Bilibili? How to compete? How can decentralization solve the problem of non-compliant output?


For content output, we will conduct level management to ensure that the output content is formal while the personal information is safe. If you are talking about benchmarking, Obee Network has entered the blockchain industry and has remained sufficiently attractive to attract ordinary users to use such a product.

When did this Obee go to Shanghai? Or are there any off-exchange transactions?


Our Fanbi AMA event actually has opening points. One is to open the Staking rebate on Fanbi, and the other is to open the over-the-counter trading on Fanbi. If you are interested, you can go to sample. This specific one can also consult friends of Xiaobai Bai.

晓郁吖:Does OBEE have the intention of going to the stock exchange? When does OBEE open?

Participate more in our activities, there will be many activities you look forward to. We will choose the circulation value of OBEE at an appropriate time.

Leon:How about the distribution of chips in the early stage of OBEE, is there an institutional round or an angel round, how can we participate in retail?


You can pay more attention to each of our activities, or use more of our products. If you use more products now, you can get up to 500 OBEE per day.

For more information, please pay attention to the official public number of Obee Network


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