ERC20 tokens swap request

Hi Community,
I would like to swap my 855.54 NULS that from the beginning are at Ethereum’s ERC20 contract.

Here is the transaction hash 0x3aee586c88b225d62097a4bfc5d9b03171393e84316500f97752ffeca0b29d11

My NULS wallet address is: NULSd6HgeXvmfHfiYavBsYZQ8b9Cb1XKP9DUy

Thank you for your time

Proposal won:
The tokens have been sent,
here is the transaction id:

Tokens have been received, appreciate the handling of this matter way beyond deadline.

txid: eb33dac5605a70ba1b654468e90b689a4992cca047c35053cacca7c3bbd86e3d

Thanks again