Erc20 Token swap request

Dear NULS community,
I bought 5000 NULS ERC-20 token in January 2018. I hold those tokens in my hard wallet for more than 3 years, until now:

But I missed Token Swap deadline. Could I request a manual swap for my NULS ERC20 tokens to mainnet please?

My Nuls address: NULSd6HgYZdNcrtfjScuqNJLKy4BLhHdqoycV

Thank you!

I created a proposal, It’s still “under review”. Please help me active it for voting.


For your information, there is an ongoing proposal that I have raised to make the token swap process much easier.

You can find it here:

When the proposal is approved, you can do the swap yourself directly on

I think it would be an easier process for you.