ERC20 Token Swap Request (Vote already approved, Tokens sent)

Dear all,

I am requesting a swap of my 2009.015 NULS ERC20 tokens that were held in my wallet at the following address:

I made a proposal and won the vote, which can be seen here:

I sent my ERC20 tokens to 0x53d4a0088e58750a7b8ea436d525471b3ee0717e as instructed by Berzek (admin) in the Telegram support group.
Here is the transaction ID: 0xf8ec8c401e7ee5be677f597c8a7f9553770b0c358dd45f588544dd2a24191a78

My NULS address is NULSd6Hgi8z4ywmPwQvUo28LokjgfXjaGZbMY

Thank you and please let me know if any additional actions are required.