Dear Community,

I am writing to you to appeal for permission to swap a small number of NULS ERC20 tokens to the new NULS native token format. I took my eye off the ball after 2018 as I got completely rekt during the market downturn. Basically I HODL’ed blindly in the hope that one day I might recoup my losses. I have only just recently looked into my holdings and realised that they are now worth a bit of $$.

The total sum of old tokens is 836.86 and they are stored in the following ETH wallet

The transaction details are as follows


The transfer took place 1028 days and 19 hrs ago, and tokens were sent from Binance 4.

the transaction hash was

0xB91318F35Bdb262E9423Bc7c7c2A3A93DD93C92C?a=0x0681d8db095565fe8a346fa0277bffde9c0edbbf IN 836.861

My apologies for the inconvenience caused by this, I honestly didn’t realise the swap was taking place and made an assumption that all funds would be safe regardless.

I hope you can consider this appeal as genuine and valid.

Please advise as to whether I need to do anything else for this request to be processed properly, and thanks in advance for your consideration.