ERC20 assets are now Cross-chaining on Heco, and the 0 Gas fee plan supports ecolosystem development!

In order to deeply support the development of the Heco ecosystem projects, NerveNetwork decided to launch a subsidy policy: the on-chain Gas fee from the cross-chain of Ethereum (ERC20) to Heco (HRC20) will be fully subsidized.

The access of Heco ecosystem projects will enjoy 0 Gas fee permanently:

The Heco ecosystem projects are integrated into their products through the Nerve cross-chain protocol. The NerveNetwork team will support all Heco ecosystem projects which cross-chain accessing into the NerveNetwork for zero cross-chain Gas fee permanently, the support form will be through node or Staking, Meanwhile, we will provide a smooth and friendly cross-chain experience for users.

Docking Document:

Normal users will get the subsidy timely:

Normal users can use Nerve’s official light wallet (PC and web), or to cross-chain ERC20 assets to the Heco network. All Gas fees generated from the cross-chain of Ethereum (ERC20) to Heco (HRC20), BSC, Nerve, and NULS networks can fill in the form to apply for subsidies. In order to avoid malicious transactions, we only review transactions with assets more than $100 by default.

The deadline is Feb 28, 2021, Clik here to apply:


  1. The subsidy is the form of NVT asset;
  2. Due to the high cost of Ethereum Gas fee, this subsidy policy is one-way subsidy and is not including the Gas fee of cross-chain transfer from Heco chain to ERC20;
  3. Assets are encouraged to cross-chain transfer into Heco and NULS ecosystem to experience smoothly;
  4. The final interpretation right belongs to the NerveNetwork team. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Cooperation can contact:

Western region:Telegram: @Berzeck1
Chinese region:Wechat: nervenetwork

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