ERC-20 to NULS Mainnet Token Swap Request

Dear NULS community,

I bought 630.4 NULS ERC-20 tokens in January 2018. I have held these tokens in my wallet ever since. Now that NULS is on mainnet I would like to swap those.

Here’s my NULS balance:

And here’s my ETH wallet where I have the tokens:

I missed Token Swap deadline. Could I request a manual swap for my NULS ERC20 tokens to mainnet please?

My ERC-20 address: 0x976151a6440569d8d13f25a763a317479913829a
My NULS address: NULSd6HgUaGZPtN2rxBQHKPumWb9v2yVaZVwb

Appreciate any help!

15 days have passed since this post. I have created a proposal as I was advised.


Hi, I have voted.


For your information, there is an ongoing proposal that I have raised to make the token swap process much easier.

You can find it here:

When the proposal is approved, you can do the swap yourself directly on

I think it would be an easier process for you.