ERC-20 swap request

Hi, I’d like to apply for a manual swap of my ERC20 NULS to mainnet NULS, as described here: 1

My ethereum address is: 0x57EaFe7C7101077d756f9994fd0c2e19FCD20D9A

I have 22.675 ERC20 NULS I’d like to exchange.

As you can see here, my tokens have not moved since 2018-01-18, which predates both mainnet and the token swap system:

Thank you so much for your help!

This proposal is being monitored by the Council and it was agreed to let people vote. Voting will start between 10 - 14 days from the day this proposal was made. Good luck!
Personally, I will vote yes!

The proposal is ready to be submitted for voting.
1] Please go to
2] login with NULS address
3] copy paste the current proposal’s text

If you have any question contact me at telegram @Berzeck1