[Done]-[NCG20210113]-Q4 2020 NULS Community Contributors Recognition Award

Your participation with the NULS community in ordinary days is true love, and we also hope to respond to everyone’s love.

In response to everyone who loved NULS during this bear market, we are initiating the Q4 2020 NULS Community Contributors Recognition Award .

The quarterly Community Recognition Award has become a bit of a tradition that has been ongoing since the establishment of NULS.

The significance of this is the impact this will have on our future. We are grateful to all community members who have contributed to NULS. We look forward to more contributions made by community members in continuous support of NULS.

Selection Eligibility and Rules

Open to all NULS community members,

(except for core team members, NTC members , ambassadors and NULStar).

Members who have made notable contributions in the quarter. This can be in areas such as content (article / video / picture), community building (community / forum), activities (offline participation or organization / online participation or organization), promotion (cooperation / publication), etc.

Quarterly Community Recognition Award winners are selected once a quarter, and candidates can be self-nominated or recommended by other community members.

All participating members must submit their application forms here (https://jinshuju.net/f/YA3KLv )by the deadline of December 31, 2020.

Nominees need to describe the activities of their contributions made in the quarter in no less than 200 words.

A shortlist of five (5) contributors will be chosen from all the submissions for the quarter and be put to a community vote.


The reward for NULS Community Recognition Award contribution will be taken from the Community Fund.

Outstanding contributors recognized through community vote will receive 100 NULS rewards each.









4、参与自荐的社区成员提交申请表(https://jinshuju.net/f/YA3KLv), 提交申请截止时间为2020年12月31日;





NULS community contributor recommendation (self-recommended) After nearly 10 days of collecting statistics, a total of 9 community members have been generated in the Chinese and English communities. The following is the introduction of each community member participating in the selection. We will discuss the contribution described by each community member participating in the selection, and vote on the proposal after the discussion is clear. These members are introduced as follows:

1、 GR

Hello. I love nuls, have some nodes, do stack. Play the put liquidity on goblinswap, it’s great and increase the utility of nuls. I love the pt/br nuls community, love to help and read and learn so mutch. Thank you a lot for all. Good work team Go nuls

大家好,我喜欢NULS,有一些NULS节点。 我也在goblinswap玩流动性挖矿,这种挖矿是非常棒的,它可以增加NULS的应用场景。 我喜欢NULS葡萄牙和巴西社区,喜欢读关于NULS的一切消息,帮助社区里面需要帮助的人。NULS团队加油!NULS加油!


Well i can start saying that my helps start on Portuguese chat, always that i know something people are asking i’m very happy to help them, i’m in the chat for a long time, and 3 months now as a helper(admin). I always try to keep the chat clean too, banning spammers and other stuff not to do with NULS, i’m always helping to promote NULS on my social medias, i’m sharing all news it pop up. I also do the translation from English Articles to Portuguese, so we can share them in our community so the people can understand about the news we got on NULS. AS soon as i know about news i shared them to on the chat, so people can be informed about them asap. We always try to get NULS to the top, Portuguese chat are always trying to bring more content and new people to the chat. We know that NULS is under-valuated, so we try to put it on the place it deserve. My twitter is always available to shared content and promote NULS, i got not that amount of followers but as we said in Brazil, we plant the seed, them the tree spread. Thanks for the opportunity to participate on this contest, thank you so much and happy new year.



3、Simão Vaz

I´m a member of the portuguese comunity since 2019 and usually I like to help newcomers sharing knowledge about the NULS project and the side projects being build in the NULS network. I´m signing this form because I believe in the project since the moment I start invest and because the community is amazing, everybody is always available to help, the project is amazing and I believe with this atitude and developing we(NULS) will be in the top 20 cryptocurrencies soon.

自2019年以来,我就一直待在葡萄牙社区,我经常喜欢帮助新成员,并分享有关NULS项目以及NULS网络中正在建设的生态项目的信息给他们。 我之所以填这个表格,是因为自从我开始投资以来,我就一直相信NULS项目,并且因为NULS的社区做得非常棒,每个人都愿意随时为您提供帮助,并且我相信凭借这种态度和发展进度,我们(NULS)即将进入加密货币前20名。

4、Avelino Sousa

Taking the first steps in the crypto world, I would like to thank the Portuguese / Brazilian community and in particular its ambassador @cristinhO for the help and recommendation of investment in #nuls. My investment initially went through the pocm and then through the goblinswap using the nuls I bought and the tokens won, but as time goes on I intend to get to know the nuls and the nabox portfolio better, as well as the universe of null partners to be able to make the most of the potential of the null universe and being able to gain from the valuation of my investments. in 2021 i intend to reinforce my portfolio and my zero investments. I haven’t defined my strategy yet, but I think it will go through pocm and staking at one of the nodes and as time goes on, reinforce my portfolio more and more and take advantage of the possibilities and partnerships of nuls, according to the information that has been transmitted by the nuls community with the dissemination of its articles and news about new investment opportunities with nuls. Thank you nuls.

我进入加密货币世界,要感谢葡萄牙和巴西社区,尤其是葡萄牙大使@cristinhO对NULS投资的帮助和推荐。 我的投资最初是通过我购买的NULS参与POCM平台质押挖矿和Goblinswap挖矿获得了一些项目token。 但是随着时间的流逝,我对NULS和Nabox投资组合方式有了更多的了解,能够充分利用NULS独特的潜力,加强自己的投资。同时利用NULS的发展可能性和合作伙伴关系,传播 NULS社区的信息,包括有关NULS的新投资机会的文章和新闻的传播。 谢谢你NULS!


Sou participante ativo na comunidade Nuls Portuguesa e procuro contribuir com informações, perguntas e materiais relacionado a Nuls. Criei no Hifriends a Comunidade Nuls pata divulgar a mesma . https://hifriends.co/nulsbrasil E meu motivo da inscrição foi que o embaixador Português da Nuls o João me falou que devia fazer a inscrição.

我是NULS葡萄牙社区的积极参与者,我提供与NULS相关的信息,解答相关的问题。 在葡萄牙大使的引导下我在Hifriends中创建了NULS社区以便更好的推广NULS。大家可以点击这里的链接查看:https://hifriends.co/nulsbrasil

6、Cassio Chagas

Active member of the Nuls Português community, participating in debates within the Nuls sphere and presenting Nuls projects in the KuCoin Portuguese community.



Hello I’m Viriat0 / @VendedorPT on tg, many already know me. I support the Portuguese ambassador and West Team. You can see the work done: https://nulsnoticias.com/ https://www.publish0x.com/nuls https://www.publish0x.com/nerve https://vk.com/nulsservice https://beta.cent.co/Nuls/ https://www.reddit.com/user/virpt/posts/ Thanks!

大家好,我是Viriat0 / 电报群里的@VendedorPT,许多人已经认识我。 我一直在支持帮助葡萄牙大使和西方团队队。 大家从这些链接中可以看到我做的工作:https://nulsnoticias.com/ https://www.publish0x.com/nuls https://www.publish0x.com/nerve https://vk.com/nulsservice https:// beta.cent.co/Nuls/ https://www.reddit.com/user/virpt/posts/谢谢大家!



I am a NULS supporter, and an active members of the community. I always promote NULS in the communities, and publish some articles such as "What is the origin of Goblinswao? ", “Teach you how to obtain LCC token” and so on. I am committed to promote NULS and its ecosystem projects.



I am early NULS investor in the community, and is a NULS community evangelist. I am contributing to the development of the NULS community actively. And I am continuing to propose NULS community volunteers in the fourth quarter of 2020, leading volunteers to promote NULS, managing the NULS communities and so on. Meanwhile, I am also participate in the promoting of NerveNetwork and the other NULS ecosystem projects.