[Done]-[NCG20201222]-Progress report for Africa Ambassador Nov 2020 and Application for Q1 2021

Hi to the NULS community,

Here is my overall report for November:

I represented NULS at our local Crypto Club. Trying to upload the picture but I think there is a bug. Also still talking to the PULSAR project to use ChainBox and POCM for their project and going to put @Berzeck in contact with their CEO, Mr. Gael le Masson. Since their Tech team is based in South America, I think they will be able to communicate well with @Berzeck :slight_smile:

I have written an article named: “What is wrong in the World today and what Blockchain has to do with it”. Here it is, have a look and let me know if it is suitable for the NULS community or not.

What’s wrong in the World today and what Blockchain has to do with it?

By Sebastien Ng Cheong Tin
NULS Blockchain Africa Ambassador.

Wow that’s a big tag line. Where do you start and where do you end the list? People from all (allmost) :slight_smile: all countries (Switzerland and North Korea might be exceptions… but not for the same reasons) complain about Governments with too much power, Politicians and “alledged” corruptions, the Bad economy, the unfairness of the system, pollution, criminality, drugs, poverty …

Every 4 or 5 years, we, in the “free democratic part of the world”, get to elect our leaders to represent us at the parliament. Only problem is, with golden rule no.1, (please see below), the community the political leader is supposed to represent gets to be last in this priority line.

Speaking of golden rules of the current, here they are according to the author’s humble opinion and experience of life so far:

1)- Every individual is, at the root core, looking out for himself first, then his family, then eventually his friends when he becomes a USD millionaire and last the society when he doesn’t know what the hell he is going to do with those Billions.

2)- Every Family wants a house, 2 cars, 1 open kitchen, 1 smartphone per person, college education for the kids, 1 getaway holiday every year at least, 5G, non stop electricity and water… Only problem is, there is 7 Billion of us… and counting.

3)- Every Village , town, city, county, country wants to grow bigger and have more power. We, as a human race, are always looking for more. The more you have, the more you want. It’s helped us survive as a species the last 50,000 years but it’s is also the main reason for our future downfall.

4)- To grow faster, we as a society, BORROW. This debt based system is what enabled us to grow so fast in the last 100 years, but also has been the cause of the biggest economic crashes, recessions, depressions. Our collective consciousness as a whole is Bi polar in nature.

5)- To gain power, one is ready to short circuit the system, sometimes by any means. We are always looking for the shortest route.

6)- Power in our society is Money. Those who control money control the rules of our lives. Those who govern us are funded by big Business if we are lucky, and if we are not, they could be funded by various cartels and criminals. The people in power have reached their position and status thanks for these guys, so who do who think they will legislate for when in power? You and me? That’s why people don’t go to vote anymore, because they know whoever gets the power will have to help their backers a nice return on investment.

7)- Real money has always been Gold. Not that paper BS that could be used (before 1971) to redeem your gold at the bank. When I was a child, I could never understand the meaning of the phrase on our bank notes: “ promise of legal tender to give the value of X to the bearer”, ya ok so what do I get for that piece of paper, Oh that value right? Gold has had approximately 2% increase of supply annually, which matched our productivity. In that system, our gold backed paper money retained its value as our increased production matches with the increase of money / gold every year.

So what is the situation we are now facing as a result of those core truths in our society?

Well since 1971, when we could not redeem our paper money for gold, the governments via the central banks started printing at will and in less that 50 years, even the mighty USD lost 95% of its value versus Gold. How come we are not taught this in school?

Because of the global pandemic facing us, most central banks have been forced to print Trillions of Dollars, Euros, Renminbi, Yens etc effectively taxing everyone holding those currencies at their bank account or in their fridge (apparently better than under the mattress as less humidity :slight_smile: and thereby increasing asset prices.

Conclusion: Populations are unhappy. The rich unhappy ones move to fiscally friendly jurisdictions, and the rest feel powerless to this illusion of the democratic power they are supposed to hold in their hand. Protesting? You become an anti-patriotic person. Refuse to pay your taxes? Big fines or even jail time. Take your money out of the bank? They won’t let you.

So what the hell can we do to make a change? What does Blockchain have to do with it? How can this ongoing buzzword be of any help?

Well Blockchains, open ones I mean, are supposed to bring trust in a trustless way. How? By making every participant in the Blockchain Network watch over everybody else. If you know exactly where your wife is all the time and you could check her anytime, you don’t need to trust her anymore right? Of course she would have the same priviledge :slight_smile:

Now, stupid idea, if our government can monitor us all the time, wouldn’t it be fair for us to check them out as well anytime? What if we the population decided that all our politicians were monitored 24/7 with robots / drones that would record them and publish these videos on an open blockchain for transparency and immutability so that anyone can check what our supreme leader is up to?

Do you think this simple idea could reduce abuse of power, corruption and crime? Or am I just a day dreaming utopist?

Now for the money is power part. Well, for me instead of showing my frustration by protesting, looting, evading taxes, transferring my wealth in Bitcoin is my silent protest. When I get out of my fiat currency and go into Bitcoin or any other Crypto for that matter, I am effectively taking power away from my local central bank.

Bitcoin is Independent money that could take some power from the central banks and governments (depending if individuals buy Bitcoin before their governments:) So it is up to you to decide which team you are on.

Now regarding voting and government, there exists new systems of governance called a“Decentralized Autonomous Organisation” where any actions of the organisation is logged on a Blockchain and where funds can be kept in that Organisation and used only with a majority vote. Doesn’t that sound like a National budget vote?

So the tech to govern a community, society, country by it’s own people already exists and is being pilot tested as we speak. Only question is with golden rule no1, will the people in power ever accept that system where all politicians become redundant? Do you think for one instant that they will conclude that this new system is for the greater good and that it’s time to let go? Food for thought…

Lastly, When will we be happy with what we have? Never, since everyone of us started (and won) that sperm race, seems like we are in a perpetual race. Race for Growth, race for more profits every year, race to reduce costs by 5% every year. The music never stops, the city never sleeps … At one point, will we get bored of that ever new smart phone or that 800 pound shoe? If each one of us lives with just enough resources, there will then be more for our poor unhappy neighbour.

So, What’s the fuss about Blockchain? Well, Blockchain could well tackle all those golden rules one by one and make the world we live in more like paradise than hell. It’s up to us to decide… and it could all be built on the NULS Blockchain (Now I sound like a politician :frowning:

Our NULSTAR George Pro published his report for November 2020 here:

Here are my expenses for the month:

Revenue from Node: 1816 NULS approx
Budget for Ambassador activities: 908 NULS
Approximate average NULS price during October: Usd 0.25


Fuel / Transportation : 80 NULS
Phone: 50 NULS
Node Operator: 400 NULS

So Balance Carried forward: -15+908-630 = 263 NULS

I will be using this balance carried forward for a Big event that I am attending in Dec 2020.

I want also to re apply for Ambassadorship of NULS for Africa for Q1 2021. I am planning a series of Educational events in 2021 at a local level and will continue to look for potential projects to build on NULS.



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But good! nuls doesn’t really show work/results either. great program

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