[Done]-[NCG20201219]-Request to Swap Nuls Token

Hello team,

May I please request a manual swap for my NULS ERC20 tokens to mainnet?

My address is:


My balance is 833.381714 Thank you for your assistance.

[Refer to the process provided by Berzeck ]


[NIP3_Community Fund Management and Use of Process ]
(20190527NIP3_Community Fund Management and Use of Process)

Hi Reaper

Thanks for your reply. I am unable to open your link regarding Process provided by Berzeck. Can you please provide more info on what I will need to do?
Many thanks…


Following on from the request for transferring 833.38 Nuls erc20 tokens to mainnet. I can confirm the transaction from my wallet to address provide has now been completed. transaction id:

The address i would like my new Nuls token to be sent to is:

Thank you very much for all the help.


Just to confirm I have now received my Nuls which have been exchanged from the erc20 tokens.
I would like to thank all the team especially Berzerk for all the help you have provided and guiding me through every step.
Thank you again now let’s get Nuls to where this project truly deserves to be.

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